Yellow Zone Update

October 15, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In recent days, you have heard many news stories from Governor Cuomo about the COVID Cluster Initiative.

As you know we have worked diligently to re-open our Catholic Academy and the first month of the academic year has been a great success. We have submitted our re-opening plans to the New York State Department of Health and Education. We practice the Core 4: Stay at Home if Sick, Social Distancing, Mask Wearing and Healthy Hygiene.

As we continue to keep you updated on the on-going impact on the Catholic schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn. We wish to share the following information.

What we know today:

  • The initial NYC Zip Code Closure Plan has been replaced by the NYS COVID Cluster Initiative.
  • To locate the school “Zone” please us the NYS COVID Hot Spot locator:
  • Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn have been notified if the school has been identified as being in the Red Zone, Orange Zone or Yellow Zone.
  • Red Zone and Orange Zone schools have switched to Remote Instruction no later than October 9 and are awaiting the re-opening criteria from NYS Department of Health.
  • The earliest date for the possible re-opening of schools identified in the Red and Orange zone is October 23rd pending re-opening criteria and guidelines from New York State.
  • Yellow Zone schools are continuing in-person instruction with the addition of required COVID testing.
  • The NYC Department of Health will be conducting a survey of the Yellow Zone Schools requesting information on the challenges of implementing a COVID testing program. Areas of concern, but not limited to
    • Parental Consent
    • Testing Supplies
    • Administration of the COVID test
    • Reporting of the COVID Data
  • Currently there are many more questions regarding COVID testing than we are receiving answers. We are waiting to receive details and additional information regarding testing from the New York City and New York State health agencies.
  • Action Steps:
  • Bishop DiMarzio filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Churches and Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn. Our request for a TRO (temporary restraining order) was denied our request for an expedited hearing on our lawsuit was granted and the Judge set a hearing for Thursday, October 15th in the Eastern District Court of New York.
  • Parents should continue outreach to the following:

The Office of the Superintendent of Schools continues to advocate on behalf of all the Parish School and Catholic Academy communities to request that New York State provide clarity on the COVID Cluster Initiative and its impact on the schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Since this is an evolving situation, we will continue to maintain open communication and share information as we receive it from New York City and New York State agencies.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you.


Mrs. Jennifer DiLorenzo –Principal 

Mr. James Carey Board Chair   


Yellow School Notification to parents #2