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Dear Parents  & Caregivers,

Welcome to Grade 6 & 7 ELA/SS, and Grade 8 SS!

I am looking forward to a great year with the junior high students at NDCA! 

For our ELA classes, we will be using a combination of sources including the HMH Into Literature series, junior novels, Junior Scholastic articles, NEWSELA, and many other resources.

For our Social Studies classes, we will be using a combination of sources including the HMH World Civilizations (Grade 6), HMH US History I (Grade 7), and HMH US History II (Grade 8), as well as other resources such as NEWSELA, Junior Scholastic articles, museum websites, etc.

Some important dates for September:

9/12 – 9/11 Memorial Service during the school day

9/15 – Grades 6-8 ONLY – Back-to-School Night in person 6:00pm – 8:00 pm

Please see the calendars that were sent home for more detailed information about dress downs and other school events.

My email is  and I will be setting up Class Dojo as well.

I look forward to seeing you and/or meeting you on Sept. 15th!  Have a great week – Mrs. Cooney



Thank you to all the parents and families who contributed to Teacher Appreciation Day.  We truly appreciate your generosity and kindness.   GOD BLESS YOU ALL!  Love, Mrs. Cooney

Grade 6

ELA – We are reading, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  You should see your child reading from this text almost every day, as they are encouraged to pre-read or re-read chapters and take notes and note any unfamiliar vocabulary.

We are finishing up our Social Studies module on Egypt.  We will begin planning for our 3-D Maps of Ancient Egypt and preparing for our module assessment on Wed., 2/16.

Please check Google Classroom for all assignments and study guides.

Have a great week!  Mrs. Cooney


Grade 7 –  We began our second novel, The Giver by Lois Lowry.  This novel is very deep and the setting is a dystopian society.  The essential question that the students will be exploring is individualism vs. community.

Social Studies –  We are beginning the American Revolution with the Boston Massacre and the Battle at Lexington & Concord.  We will incorporate songs from “Hamilton” to reinforce content regarding the Revolution.

Have a great week! Mrs. Cooney


Grade 8 – we  just finished Struggle for Suffrage and the 8th grade did amazing graphic novel projects on this topic.  We are going to begin American Imperialism and the Spanish-American War.  We are taking some side steps and reviewing current events as they pertain to the tension between Russia and Ukraine, and U.S. Foreign Policy towards this tension.  Students will be getting some background in to geo-political forces that might be affecting the current state of affairs regarding this part of the world.




Grade 7 HOMEROOM – Important information:


Parent-teacher meeting tonight via a zoom link – please see Class Dojo or the memo Mrs. DiLorenzo sent home yesterday.

$3.00 Dress Down tomorrow – 9/16 Blue & Yellow

Lunch $/orders due 9/22


Grade 7 – Homework due 9/16:  Please finish reading “Rogue Wave” in the HMH Literature book and answer Check for Understanding.


Grade 6 – Reading Journal – read for 10 minutes and complete a reading journal entry based on what you read, see Google Classroom.


Grade 8 – based on Generation Z article, answer questions and complete 10 questions on p. 17 handout on loose leaf. 





September 2021


Dear Parents & Families,


Welcome to the 2021/2022 Academic School Year!  My name is Lisa Tritremmel-Cooney.  I am the Homeroom teacher for the 7th grade, and their ELA and Social Studies teacher.  I also teach 6th grade ELA and Social Studies, and 8th grade Social Studies. 


I am so excited to start the new year with your wonderful children.  It will be a great year despite any obstacles  or challenges we may face.  As long as we keep smiling (even under our masks) and stay positive, all will be well.


I look forward to meeting you or communicating with you via Class Dojo or during our Virtual Parent Orientation on Wednesday, September 15th @ 7pm.  

Have a great day.  Mrs. Lisa Tritremmel-Cooney




Grade 6 – Homework due 9/15 – Read for 10 minutes and journal in your ELA reading section – instructions on Google Classroom.

Grade 7 – Finish your Gen Z art project – due 9/15






Feb. 26, 2021

Grade 6 – We had a great week in 6th Grade ELA and Social Studies.  We are reading The Lightning Thief and finding out the difference between a centaur, a minotaur, and a satyr.  The students had a Kahoot! quiz on chapters 1-5, they should now have read through chapter 7.  We are also unpacking the chapters by taking a closer look at vocabulary words and writing chapter summaries.

In Social Studies we are learning about Ancient India, and the religions of Hinduism and Sikhism.  We are comparing and contrasting these religions to being Catholics.

Please make sure the students are practicing vocabulary for “The Lightning Thief” on – the link in in Google Classroom.

Grade 7 – We had a great week back in 7th grade.  The students are still learning about specific aspects of the American Revolution such as details of the Declaration of Independence and the famous speech by Patrick Henry.  We will have a test on March 8th. Study guide will be given out on Monday, March 1st.  

We went to the Ring Day Ceremony for the 8th grade on Wednesday.  In just one year, they will be receiving their rings.  We also went to mass today with the 6th and 8th grade.  

We are continuing to work on Walk Two Moons are are now focusing on vocabulary for chapters 1-11.  They should use (see Google Classroom link) to practice for the test next Thursday.  

We are also excited about our assignment to write an article for the Junior Tablet publication.  We will brainstorm ideas and write drafts next week.  We had another interview experience today, a 21-year old college student (who happens to be my nephew) who is an intern in Washington, D.C. for a state senator.  

Have a great weekend!


Grade 8 – what an exciting week for Grade 8.  Congratulations on their Ring Day ceremony.  We are working on bio poems for one of the individuals we learned about from the Progressive Movement or the Women’s Suffragist movement.  This week we took a deeper look at a famous speech by Elizbeth Cady Stanton that she made a the famous convention in the late 1800s.  


Feb. 22, 2021

Grade 6 – Welcome Back!  Hope you had a nice break.

Please make sure to reread or review “The Lightning Thief” chapters 1-5 – complete worksheet given out in class today.

Make sure you have notes for Lesson #1 on Ancient India (Early People and Geography)


Grade 7 – Welcome Back ! Hope you enjoyed your time off.  

Homework:  Read or reread chapters 1-5 Walk Two Moons, do questions 1-9 ON LOOSE LEAF or in your ELA notebook – answers only are fine.  Also, be very familiar with the vocabulary and understanding of the “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death” article.  Be ready to discuss and complete in class.  

*PLEASE MAKE SURE iPADs are charged and you have HEAD PHONES!

Grade 8 – Welcome Back!  

At this time ALL IMMIGRATION PROJECTS are due.  We are continuing to learn about the Progressive Movement and Women’s Suffragist Movement of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s – complete the KNOW THE NEWS worksheet for the “How Women Won the Vote” 




Feb. 5, 2021

Grade 6 – By the end of 5:00 pm today, Social Studies (HMH Lesson #4 Egyptian Achievements) and ELA assignments (HMH “Animal Snoops”) should be completed.  The students seem to be enjoying our new junior novel, The Lightning Thief.  We will continue to read stories in HMH and our new unit focuses on seeing the world through the eyes of animals.

Have a great weekend!

Grade 7 – By 5:00 pm today, the ELA (Walk Two Moons assignments) and Social Studies (Junior Scholastic Magazine assignments) that were posted to Google Classroom should be complete.  Please see the important memo regarding Catholic Schools Week for next week.  All 7th graders are invited to DRESS DOWN FOR FREE on Monday, Feb. 8th, however, they MUST WEAR SOMETHING RED.  

Tuesday, Feb. 9th the 7th grade will be taking part in a very special virtual experience.  We will be interviewing Bishop Chappetto on a zoom call.  The interview will be taped for the school to watch on Thursday, Feb. 11th.  ALL 7TH GRADE STUDENTS MUST WEAR THEIR UNIFORMS on TUESDAY, FEB. 9th.  Thank you. Have a great weekend!



Grade 8 – By 5:00 pm today, the two HMH Social Studies assignments that were posted on Google Classroom should be completed.  Have a great weekend!




Feb. 3, 2021

Grade 6 – We are working on our last lesson on Egypt, Module 4 – Lesson #4 – Egyptian Achievements.  For homework, please read lesson #4 and create a WORD WEB for EGYPTIAN ACHIEVEMENTS – please see Google Classroom for an example.

ELA – We began reading The Lightning Thief last week – students should have read through Chapter #3 by tomorrow.  We will have a short Kahoot quiz!

Reading Logs due dates have been adjusted  to the LAST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH – please see Google Classroom. 

Grade 7 – Students have been working on Black History Month projects in Google Slides.  They are working in small groups. Please see TIPS on Google Classroom and the Rubric.


We have begun pre-reading activities for our next novel, Walk Two Moons.

We also began research causes of the American Revolution using a great new program called



Grade 8 – Immigration Projects are now due – we will be watching the interviews during class time, all interviews should have been sent to me by now.  Essays and Google Slides should have been submitted via Google Classroom.

We are now working on Progressive Reformers of the early 19th century and the differences between the HAVEs and HAVE NOTs of society at that time.  The students worked in small groups to read, understand, and summarize primary sources from some important names of the Progressive Movement.  We are also comparing and relating societal issues from 100 years ago to TODAY.  There are videos and assignments on Google Classroom.  Students should now begin to formulate and draft an essay.

We will move on to Tammany Hall, the Suffragist Movement and the Spanish-American War after break.  Then, eventually WWI, trench warfare, etc.


Jan. 11, 2021

Grade 6 – We read, from Pax during our Zoom today, please reread and complete the Analyze the Text questions 1-5 at the end of the story, workbook p. 102 or online.  Be ready to discuss tomorrow during our class.

Grade 7 – Reread “Heartbeat” our short story that we read today, complete a word web about Dave’s character, expanding on his character traits vs. his motivations.

Please draw and take a screenshot or be prepared to hold up your notebook to the screen tomorrow to show your work.

Grade 8 – Review Module 21 – Immigration and Urban Life, review Lesson #1 



Jan. 7, 2021

Day 2 of our Remote Learning went really well! 

Grade 6 – Please make sure to finish the online assessment for HMH lesson #4 “The Phoenicians”

Prepare for quiz tomorrow on “The Phoenicians” – use Kahoot and notes


Grade 7 – Be ready for our class discussion on the events which took place on Jan. 6th on Capitol Hill and in Georgia.  Use the Associated Press website for bullet points and facts that support your opinions.

Grade 8 – Be ready for our class discussion on the events which took place on Jan. 6th on Capitol Hill and in Georgia.  Use the Associated Press website for bullet points and facts that support your opinions.



Jan. 6, 2021

We had a great first day with Remote Learning!  It was great to see all the students without a mask! Tomorrow we will follow the Thursday schedule.  I will post it to Google Classroom for the 7th grade. 

Grade 6 – Please answer Question #2 only from the screen shots I posted on Google Classroom about, “Out of School, Forced to Work” – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT the answer, we will review during class tomorrow.  Also, finish reading the lesson #4 “The Phoenicians”


Grade 8 – finish assignments on Google Classroom, Ford Assembly Line video and HMH Online assessment for Lesson #3 – Industrial Workers.

Have a great night!


Jan. 5, 2021

Grade 6 – Please finish close reading the article, “Out of School, Forced to Work” and also read the side bars.  Please read Module 3 – Lesson #4 “The Phoenicians” only sections “Phoenician City-States” and “Geography of Phoenicia”  please take notes.

Grade 7 – SS – Module 3 – Lesson #4 “Life in the English Colonies” – take notes; Answer questions on Lesson #3 from Google Classroom from this morning; Reading Log #1 due tomorrow, any text we’ve read so far or  a new text.

Grade 8 – Read Module 20  –  Lesson #3 “Industrial Workers”  pay attention to vocabulary, bold-lettered words and important events/strikes.  Kahoot quiz tomorrow on this lesson.




Jan. 4, 2021


Grade 6 – please select an End of Novel Project from Google Classroom, we will begin working on them this week for “Out of My Mind”

Reading Log due Wed., 1/6

Please reread “Out of School, Forced to Work” so we can extend our understanding of this article during class tomorrow.

Grade 7  –  Please select the End of Novel Project for “The Outsiders”  please see Google Classroom choices – Reading Log due Wed, 1/6

Grade 8 – welcome back !  



Dec. 15, 2020

Grade 6 – “Out of My Mind” quiz tomorrow on chapters 28-32, we reviewed in class today on Kahoot; please complete geography questions on Middle East (worksheet given out in class today), please write answers on loose leaf with a heading.

Reading Log packet reviewed and distributed today.  The 6th graders will need to do one reading log entry each month.  Please see specific directions in Google Classroom.  

Merry Christmas & a Happy and Safe New Year!  

Grade 7 – quiz tomorrow on “The Outsiders”  including vocabulary chapters 8-12

Grade 8 – quiz tomorrow 12/16 on Lesson #2 – Module 20 – Industrial Revolution



Dec. 9, 2020

Grade 6 – Due Monday, 12/14 – please complete the Google Slides for “Out of My Mind” chapter 6, Down Syndrome Slides, and the research on Stephen Hawking. Due Monday, 12/14 – Social Studies – please read Module 3 – Lesson #3 – Military Empire about the Babylonians. Make sure your notes include Hammurabi, Code of Hammurabi, and what was important about the Assyrians and Chaldeans.

Grade 7 – Complete Comprehension Check ?s for Chapter #10 – (just answers)

Grade 8 – Read Lesson #2 – Module 20, take notes using Two-column Cornell Note-Taking System; make sure Google Slide presentations are completed or near completion – Presentations will occur on Friday during our Zoom meetings.




Dec. 3, 2020

Grade 6 – Please read chapters 20-25 by Monday, Dec. 7th “Out of My Mind” be prepared for a Kahoot quiz.  Have a great weekend!

Grade 7 – Complete questions 1-5 – Chapter 7 on looseleaf 

Grade 8 – start your research on the tycoons of the 19th Century – see the RUBRIC I gave out in class today as a reference – PRESENTATIONS WILL BE ON FRIDAY, DEC 11th


Dec. 2, 2020

Grade 6 –  Please read through chapter 18 – “Out of My Mind” – keep track of unfamiliar vocabulary.

Grade 7 – please practice Christmas Concert Song “Sleigh Ride” think of which accessories you would like to have

Grade 8 – Complete any unfinished assignments; what are your opportunity costs/benefits in life? Think about it.



Dec. 1, 2020

Grade 6 – Be prepared for “Out of My Mind” Kahoot quiz tomorrow – chapters 9-13

COMPLETE the HMH World Civilizations – Module 3 – Lesson #2 Online Assessment about the Sumerians.

Grade 7 – Please see the important memo about Report Card Meetings for Dec. 11th 

Also, ELA test tomorrow 

Grade 8 – Complete the graphic organizer on inventions for The Industrial Age module – due 12/2


Nov. 30, 2020

Grade 6 – The students read independently today during ELA, then met in small groups to compare and summarize the stories/articles/poems they read.  They need to finish answering questions on Google Classroom for this activity.

Grade 7 – ELA test on Wed., 12/2 – “Thank You, M’am” and “A Police Stop That Changed A Teenager’s Life”  – vocabulary, prefix ‘mis’ and proper use of quotation marks in dialogue, and capitalization of proper nouns, names of cities/states, people’s names, etc.  We reviewed these in class and they have been working on extra practice in HMH assignments.

Google Form worksheet – on “The Real Story of Plymouth” due tomorrow – assignment is in Google Classroom

Grade 8 – We are beginning a new module in Social Studies, The Industrial Revolution, focusing on the major communication and transportation inventions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Jr. Scholastic worksheet on “The Cultural Revolution” due Wed, 12/2


Nov. 20, 2020

Grade 6 – The students have been working very hard taking notes using the two-column Cornell University note taking strategy. Going forward I would like them to use this format in Social Studies.   We finished up reading “The Ravine” and writing essays comparing and contrasting two characters from the story.  

Over the Thanksgiving Break, I ask that they continue to read, Out of My Mind up through chapter 14.  Thank you and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.  Mrs. Cooney

Grade 7 – 


Nov. 19, 2020

Grade 6 – Finish note taking for SS Module 3 – Lesson #2 ONLY UP TO RELIGION.  

Complete the next step for your Compare/Contrast Character Essay for “The Ravine” we will finish in class tomorrow

Grade 7  – please complete any unfinished homework from last night, and make sure you submitted your revised Aviator Essay on Classroom, as well as your “Killer Flu of 1918” compare/contrast essay.

Grade 8 – prepare for Mock Trial tomorrow



Nov. 18, 2020

Grade 6 – HMH SS – Module 3 “Fertile Crescent” review notes from Lesson #1 (rewrite notes or complete notes if you didn’t finish them) and be prepared for Kahoot quiz tomorrow on this lesson.

Grade 7 – HMH Literature – p. 72, 80 – 81

ELA test will be on Nov. 30th – on “Thank You M’am” and the article “A Stop By A Police Officer Changed This Boy’s Life” and grammar – suffixes, vocabulary from both texts.  

Grade 8 – finish Jr. Scholastic on World Population



Nov. 17, 2020

Grade 6 – We are reading a suspenseful short story from HMH, “The Ravine” and will be working on comparing and contrasting two characters from the story and writing essays.

  • HOMEWORK TONIGHT – HMH SS World Civilizations – Read the next section of The Fertile Crescent Mesopotamia Module 3 – Lesson #1 – “Farming & Cities” and take two-column notes they we did in class today.  Notes should be written in your SS notebooks.  

Grade 7 –  Re-read “Thank You Ma’m” – and complete pp 68-69


Grade 8 – We are finishing up Westward Expansion – students will be picking an Enrichment Activity in lieu of a Module Assessment – choices are DUE TOMORROW.


Nov. 12, 2020

Grade 6 – Please reread “The Ravine” on HMH ELA.  Please review pp 59-60, and 72-73.  Be ready to discuss in class tomorrow.

Grade 7 – I have postponed The Outsiders test until Monday, Nov. 16th.  

Grade 8 – SS Quiz tomorrow;

The students should review their work so far for the Mock Trial and be prepared to finalize their work tomorrow during zoom break out rooms.


Nov. 9, 2020

Grade 6 – the students worked very hard on their projects today during class.   They look amazing.  We will be finishing up the Stone Age Dioramas tomorrow.  Please prepare for your Out of My Mind  test – study guide was posted to Google Classroom. The test will be on Thursday, they will be able to use their books.


Grade 7 – Please study for your The Outsiders test on Friday and the SS quiz tomorrow.

Grade 8 – Please read the article on Ruth Bader Ginsburg and be ready to begin our Mock Trial preparations tomorrow during class – SS quiz on Friday, I posted the Study Guide in classroom.


Nov. 5, 2020

Grade 6 – The students received a present from me today. Please ask them what it was.  Also, we will not be meeting as a class tomorrow so we will be doing our diorama projects on Monday during our class time.  The students will have 1.5 hours to construct their dioramas and write 1 paragraph.  They should plan their time accordingly.  

NEXT WEEK – Thursday or Friday, we will be having our first test on Out of My Mind, chapters 1-8 ONLY. 

DUE TUESDAY, Nov. 10th – Google Slides (this can be found in Google Classroom and in their Google Drives) on Out of My Mind, only the slides for chapters 3, 4, 5 & 6 (4 slides)

The students will be able to use their text for the test as they will need to cite text evidence.  The study guide will be posted to Google Classroom in the next day.  

Please keep up with updating the Electoral College Map and tally sheet. Have a great weekend!

Grade 7 – Please keep the Electoral College Maps and tally sheets updated.  The students will be having a test on The Outsiders chapters 1-5, and vocabulary for chapters 1-5 on Friday, Nov. 13th.

The students will be having a quiz in Social Studies on Module 2 – Lessons 1-2 ONLY on Tuesday, Nov. 10th 

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 11th is Veteran’s Day – SCHOOL IS CLOSED!

Grade 8 – Keep your Electoral College Map and Tally Sheet updated.  Also, SS quiz on Module 3 – Lessons 1-3 next Thursday, Nov. 12th



Nov. 4, 2020

Grade 6 – Please read chapter #8 Out of My Mind

  • Don’t forget materials/supplies for Friday’s diorama project on the Stone Age
  • Please finish personal narratives on a time that you were frightened – submit on Google Classroom
  • Update Electoral College tracker sheets

Grade 7 – Please read the next section of Module 2 – Lesson #2 – “Other Explorers Sail to the Americas” and take notes in your SS notebook –  please make sure to include Date and Subheading title on the top of the page – only most important details – think about cause/effect, etc. 

Please check out the maps on Google Classroom which illustrate the Line of Demarcation and the Treaty of Tordesillas; update Electoral College tracker sheets

Grade 8  –   Read SS – HMH Module 3 – Lesson #3 – “Fighting on the Plains” – take notes either in DOCs (use the Doc you created today in class) or in your SS notebook; fill in Electoral College tracker sheets



Nov. 3, 2020 – 

Grade 6 – Study for your SS test tomorrow; please read chapter #7 Out of My Mind

Grade 7 –  Finish the Electoral College Map and Results Chart based on ONLY SOLID DEMOCRAT/BLUE and SOLID REPUBLIC/RED; please read SS Module 2 – Lesson #2 “Europeans Reach the Americas” – only the section titled, “Columbus Sails Across the Atlantic” – please take notes in your SS notebook 


Grade 8 – Please read Westward Expansion – Less #3 – the section titled:  “Fighting on the Plains” please take notes and complete the graphic organizer that corresponds with that section.




Nov. 2, 2020

Grade 6 – Module 2 – The Stone Age and Early People Wed, Nov. 4th.  Please make sure to have supplies for our diorama project on Friday, Nov. 6th. 

Please complete the Electoral College tracker if you did not finish it in class today, Please reread HMH “Embarassed? Blame Your Brain” and complete the text annotations.

Grade 7 – Please read Module 2 – Lesson #2 for Wed., Nov. 4th – and take the Online Lesson Assessment – please take notes in your SS notebook

Grade 8 – Please complete the two questions about the transcontinental railroad on Google Classroom – please answer on loose leaf with a heading. Quiz grade.



Oct. 29, 2020

Grade 6 – “Out of My Mind”  packets are due now.  Kahoot quiz on Monday on chapters 5-6; Social Studies test on Wed., 11/4 – study guide on Google Classroom

Grade 7 – The Outsiders Comprehension Check questions for chapter #3 , due tomorrow, on loose leaf with a heading, please restate the question in your answer or submit via Google Docs on Classroom

Grade 8 – Read over Module 3 – Westward Expansion – Lesson #2



Oct. 28,2020

Grade 6 – please review the Study guide for Module 2 test next week (Wed. or Thurs.) – do not spend more than 2-3 minutes looking for the answers, we will review tomorrow in class.

Please read Out of My Mind through chapter 7, Kahoot quiz tomorrow on chapter 5-7.  Also, complete the packet on Out of My Mind

Grade 7 – $3.00 dress down tomorrow – BOX TOP,please send in Halloween $5.00 for Friday.  Read through The Outsiders chapter 6…quiz? tomorrow? also complete SS packet for Lesson 1 – Module 2. 



7Oct. 27, 2020

Grade 6 – Please do SS Module 2 – Lesson #3 – The Stone Ages and Early Cultures, reread the lesson and complete online assessment

Grade 7 – Please finish SS HMH Module 2 – Lesson #1 – Europeans Sail to the Americas (worksheets) ; make sure you have read up to Chapter 6 The Outsiders

Grade 8  –  Please reread WESTWARD EXPANSION module lesson #1 and do online assessment



Oct. 23, 2020

Grade 6 – Earlier in the week the students worked on Enrichment projects for Module I.  Many of the students created their own maps, while others did some research on a topic of interest, or researched archaeological tools. 

PLEASE READ through chapter #6 Out of My Mind for Monday, Oct. 26th – Kahoot quiz.

Grade 7 – The students enjoyed reading an article on “Women in Aviation” in Zoom break out rooms, and next week they will begin their first research project/informational essay.  Please make sure to have selected a female aviator from the 20th century to do your project on.

Please read up to chapter # 7 The Outsiders, quiz on Tuesday for chapters 3-5.

Grade 8 – Have a good weekend!



Oct. 22, 2020

Grade 6 – Please make sure to read through Chapter #5, Out of My Mind, read Lesson #2, Module 2 – The Stone Age, think of questions that focus on the vocabulary words


Grade 7 – Continue reading The Outsiders

Grade 8 – No homework – congratulations to the students making their Confirmation


Oct. 21, 2020

Grade 6 – HMH: Please read Module #2  –  Lesson #1 and come up with 1-2 questions to ask your fellow classmates in a Kahoot – please answer on Google classroom or on loose leaf.

Grade 7 – Please read The Outsiders chapters 3-4 and come up with some questions for your classmates about these chapters, either true/false, multiple choice or survey.

Grade 8 – 






…Oct. 20, 2020

Grade 6 – The students had a wonderful experience interviewing our guest speaker who has muscular dystrophy. Please have them complete the assignment on Google Classroom or write a one-paragraph reflection on the experience. What did they learn? What would they still want to ask or know? 

SS Test tomorrow 

Grade 7 – Please finish reading the article on “The Flu of 1918” – do questions in Google Forms/Classroom

SS Test tomorrow – Module I, Europe, Africa, and the Americas Before 1500 – 

Grade 8 – Please finish reading the article on the “Flu of 1918” and highlight important information. Pop quiz tomorrow on the article.

TEST on Thursday, Oct. 22nd – Module 19 – “Reconstruction”


October 19, 2020

Grade 6 – Please read the article on “Fact Checking” and highlight important information, make sure you have read up to Chapter 5 for “Out of My Mind” – finish Enrichment activity you started in class today.


Grade 7 – SS test on Wed., Module I – Uncovering the Past, Study guide was distributed last week and we have been reviewing in class. Please make sure you have read through chapter 6 for “The Outsiders”


Grade 8 – SS test on Reconstruction – Thursday, Oct. 22nd, study guide was given out last week and we will be reviewing in class. Please read article on “Fact Checking” – and highlight important information – ALL CIVIL WAR PROJECTS ARE DUE BY TOMORROW!




October 16, 2020

Grade 6 – In grade 6, we started our first junior novel, “Out of My Mind” and we are looking forward to our first class guest speaker who like our character Melody, is afflicted with a disorder that impairs her mobility, etc.  We wrapped up Module I in our Social Studies text, and the students are all working on their own Enrichment activity TO BE DONE IN CLASS next Monday and Tuesday. There is a module test next Wednesday, please review the lessons 1-4 of Module I and refer to the study guide. Have a great weekend!



October 14, 2020

Grade 6 – Complete the Google Slides 2-6 on Google Classroom for Out of My Mind, make sure to read through chapter 4 for tomorrow

SS Test on Wed., Oct. 21st – Study guide on Google Classroom and distributed in class today


Grade 7 – Finish reading Lesson #4 – Module 1 on contributions of Greeks and Romans – Do online assessment for the lesson

Grade 8 – read the handout on the Wade-Davis Bill and highlight important information, circle and look up unknown vocabulary



October 13, 2020

Grade 6 – please finish reading Lesson #4 in Social Studies – Module 1; The Goal of Government in an Economy and do the on-line assessment for Lesson #4.

Grade 7 – Reread “Icarus’ Flight” – the poem in HMH. Please answer the Check for Understanding questions


Oct. 9, 2020

Grade 6 – We had a great week in 6th Grade ELA/SS classes.  We learned about economics, scarcity, supply/demand, etc. We also did research on the author of our first junior novel study, Sharon Draper. The students received their books today.  These books belong to the school and need to be returned when we are finished.  Please have them read chapters 1-5 over the long weekend.  

Please check Google Classroom for the “Out of My Mind” digital assignments – THERE ARE NO ASSIGNMENTS DUE AT THIS TIME, I just want to make sure the students can access them from home. Thank you. Enjoy the long weekend!


Grade 7 – We started our research on the 1960’s to prepare for our first junior novel study of The Outsiders.  Please have them read chapters 1-3 over the long weekend. Next week we will begin assignments with the novel. The students are enjoying our Zoom Breakout Room group work.  Have a great long weekend!

Grade 8 – We wrapped up the Civil War and have started learning about the period of Reconstruction 



Oct. 6, 2020

Grade 6 – please complete the Study Guide worksheets for Lesson #3 – Economics

Test on “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All” poem

Grade 7 – Lesson #4 – Social Studies HMH Study guide pages; test on “Flight of Icarus”

Grade 8 – please read the packet on “Reconstruction” DO NOT COMPLETE just highlight what you think is important




Oct. 5, 2020

Grade 6 – finish reading HMH Module 1: Lesson 3 – Systems to Organize Resources and Needs and Wants – test on Wed., on “Life Doesn’t Frigthen Me” 

  • Art projects for poem are due NOW and poems are due through Google Classroom

Grade 7 – Review SS Lesson #3 – West African Kingdoms; test on Wed., “The Flight of Icarus”

Grade 8 – Civil War test on Oct. 6th ; start working on Civil War projects – see Google Classroom



10/2 – Happy Friday! Please make sure students have an extra mask in school and headphones. Thank you.

Please note that on Monday, Oct. 5th our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign will kick off. It looks a little different than in years past, but is still a very worthwhile cause. Thank you!

Grade 6 – The 6th grade really impressed me with their poems this week. Today they began an art project to be completed at home and due Monday on their assigned line of the poem. 


Grade 7 – Grade 7 did amazing group work today on Zoom breakout groups. They really enjoy working in groups even though it looks very different. We will begin our first junior novel, The Outsiders next week. We are doing some preliminary research and readings to get ready.


Grade 8 – We finished up the Civil War – test will be on Tuesday, Oct. 6th – students are working on various projects that represent something about the Civil War (see Google Classroom)




Grade 6 –   No written homework, look around, do you see our poem? “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” please have markers for Friday’s art project. Thank you.


Grade 7 – Dear Parents/Caregivers, please note that the class fee of $40.00 is now due. This fee includes their copy of “The Outsiders” book which we will begin reading next week. Also, their subscription to Jr. Scholastic Magazine and any class supplies I need for the year. If you are unable to send in the $40.00 right now, please send in what you can. Thank you. Mrs. Cooney


Reread “The Flight of Icarus” in HMH, please make annotation notes throughout the text. Complete Check for Understanding. 


Grade 8 – SS Test on the Civil War, Tuesday, Oct. 6th – study guide on Google Classroom



Grade 6 – Reread “I’m Not Frightened At All” from HMH; be ready to analyze and discuss the poem in more detail tomorrow in class; Check Google Classroom for instructions – write a paragraph about one of the places listed in our Geography magazine article.

Grade 7  – If possible, please watch a part of the Presidential Debate this evening. Use the worksheets from class today to take notes. Finish reading the article from Jr. Scholastic “America’s Choice” and answer the questions on Google Classroom

Grade 8 –

HMH – Please reread Lesson #5 on the Civil War – pay special attention to Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address.

If possible, please watch a part of the Presidential Debate this evening. Use the worksheets from class today to take notes. 

Finish reading the article from Jr. Scholastic “America’s Choice” and answer the questions on Google Classroom





Grade 6 – ELA/SS – Go to Google Classroom and watch the video about poetry; Read Lesson #2 – Geography and be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow. Please share your Artifact Project with me on Google so you can present it in class.

Grade 7 – ELA – Go to Google Classroom and watch the videos on poetry and the “Icarus’s Flight”; do the Get Ready pages for “The Flight of Icarus” in the HMH online – review myth, theme, and infer.

Grade 8 – SS – Do the Module 18 –  Lesson #4 – online assessment we did in class today; complete the packet on Lesson #4 – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THE CHALLENGE ACTIVITY




Grade 6 – Finish Google Slides Artifact Presentation Project – due 9/28, assignment is posted in Google Classroom with a Rubric, study for “The Breadwinner” test tomorrow

Grade 7 – In Lesson #2 – Native American cultures – assignment is posted in HMH – Native American Culture Map 

Grade 8 – Read Module 18: Lesson #4 – Daily Life During the War; complete the Enrichment Activity from Lesson #3 – which is posted on Google Classroom


Grade 6 – Complete the worksheets from SS Lesson # 1 – Uncovering the Past

Today we talked about artifacts and how archaeologists use artifacts to uncover the past. Sometimes archaeologists use the artifacts they find at the same dig site to determine how old they are. We used the telephone as an example of how we could compare and contrast a cell phone, a dial phone and the telegraph machine to determine which one was older.

Make a list of 3 different objects/artifacts to pick from. Make sure you can find images of these objects over time.  Please do not do a phone, TV or car. Pick an object/artifact that the class might not have seen so that when you present the project to us, we are AMAZED!!

Also, how can we advertise SOCIAL HARMONY in our school.  We can’t rent the Times Square jumbotron for the school yard or lobby or hallway, so how can we get this important message out? Ideas please! 


Grade 7 – Study for “Rogue Wave”

  • Why is it important to learn about Native American Tribes?
  • Finish the two Junior Scholastic worksheets that were given out today on Aztec map and ‘The Race to Find a Vaccine’
  • I am still reading your Personal Narratives and will supply feedback 


Please be advised that there is a Back to School Zoom Meeting tonight for grades 6, 7, & 8 at 7:00 pm. Please check your child’s folder for the information. Thank you. 

Grade 6 – ELA test on Friday, “The Breadwinner” – please know what a thesaurus is. 

HOMEWORK – due 9/23:  Answer this question –

How does Parvana’s feelings change after she goes to the store for the first time? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

S.S. – Define a primary source and a secondary source. Give examples of each. You may draw one or all of the examples.  Complete the Lesson 1 – Uncovering the Past assessment online.


Grade 7 – ELA Test on Thursday, “Rogue Wave” – 

  HMH  –  Social Studies – Reread Lesson 1 that we read in class today and take notes – make sure to include the vocabulary words and their definitions, examples of how the Aztec, Olmec, Maya and Inca accomplishments.


Grade 8 – Social Studies – Assignment due Thursday, 9/24 – please pick one of the following:

  1. Create a poster trying to recruit either a Confederate or Union soldier – make sure it is effective 


2. Imagine that you are a new Confederate or Union soldier recruit, or some other civilian that helped out during the war. Write a letter back home describing your responsibilities and what it’s like to be in a war.

3.   Find an image of a Union or Confederate poster (can be 8 1/2 x 11) trying to recruit during the Civil War – write a summary describing WHAT YOU SEE in the image and its effectiveness. Who is it appealing to? 


9/21/20 – Grade 7

ELA test on Thursday, 9/24 on ‘Rogue Wave’ – vocabulary, Latin root words, comprehension of the text focusing on setting and plot.  Also, simple, complex, and compound sentences. Please review the assignments in HMH to practice for the test.

9/21/20 – Grade 8

Review packet from today, The Civil War and make sure you have a summary for the vocabulary words ready to share in class tomorrow. 

9/21/20 – Grade 6 

ELA test on Friday, 9/25 on “The Breadwinner” focus on setting and characters. Review vocabulary and assignments in HMH. 


9/18/20 –

Grade 6 Update

We had a great first week in Grade 6 ELA and Social Studies. We read “The Breadwinner” and reviewed how to analyze a text and do text annotations for character and setting. We reviewed vocabulary for the story and did our first Vocabulary Network activity. We will have an assessment on the story and these skills some time at the end of next week. I will provide you with more details on Monday.  

In Social Studies, we are discussing World Civilizations and how historians find out about civilizations from a long time ago. We had a class discussion on what artifacts we would leave behind for future civilizations to find out about us in 2020.  We are using HMH for both Social Studies and ELA.

Have a great weekend! Mrs. Cooney

9/18/20 Grade 7 Update

We had a great first week in the 7th grade. We read our first short story, “Rogue Wave.”  We reviewed plot structure and annotating the text for characters, details, setting and plot.  We had a successful Zoom class on Wednesday and we will have more next week. The students are getting used to HMH which is our ELA and Social Studies text.  The students are working on Personal Narratives about their first week of school. They are reviewing how to write a ‘hook’ or introduction to their narratives.  We will continue working on these next week.  The students will be using Google Docs to submit this draft.

The students also signed in to Junior Scholastic magazine. Each student has their own subscription. They reviewed some articles and current events. We will start our HMH Social Studies lessons next week and look at why historians study the Americas, Europe and Africa before the year 1500?

Please sign on to Class Dojo or supply me with the email that you would like to have the invite sent to. Also, class fee is due at this time. This fee pays for the subscription and any classroom supplies that are needed such as paper towels, wipes, tissues, etc. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

9/18/20 Grade 8 Update

We had a great first week in Grade 8 and reviewed events that led up to the Civil War. There will be a quiz on Monday and the students should check Google Classroom and use the hand out from class today for review. We will begin learning about the Civil War next week. Have a great weekend!



9/17/20 – Grade 6 HOMEWORK

Pick ONE vocabulary word from “The Breadwinner” and complete a Vocabulary Network. Please use the template that I gave out in class. If you do not have the template, then refer to Unit 1 in HMHCO Page 1 – Academic Vocabulary.  It must include 4 of the 6 features. The six are:  synonym, antonym, definition, sentence, related word, or word root.  Please complete on either a piece of paper, ELA notebook, a Google Slide or Docs. Thank you. 


Review the Civil War timeline DOC we created in class today, including the Vocabulary.  Quiz on Monday, 9/21 on the events that led up to the Civil War. 


9/16/20 – Grade 6 HOMEWORK

Please reread, “The Breadwinner” and complete ALL the activities for the lesson, either in digital form or use the paper handout I gave you in class today. Do the best you can. 

9/16/20 – GRADE 8 – HOMEWORK

Please read and complete Lesson 3  on the Lincoln-Douglas debate, be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow. Review vocabulary: abolitionist, secession, cession, annexation

Review the Dred Scott Case lesson we did in class today – Have a great night!


9/16/2020  GRADE 7 HOMEWORK

PLEASE COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS/ACTIVITIES FOR “ROGUE WAVE” either digitally or the paper handouts. Review vocabulary words associated with this story.  Also, think about what type of research you would like to do that relates to this story.  

Take a look at the sky later this evening around 6:00 – 6:30 pm. What do you see/observe? 

Please have parents sign in to Class Dojo. An invite was sent last week via the email that was provided to the school. Thank you. 



Welcome back to school!  I am thrilled to be back at Notre Dame Catholic Academy. It was great seeing all the students on Wednesday, September 9th! They ALL did a great job with the new procedures! I am so proud of their spirit and dedication to staying safe. 

As well as the Social Studies and ELA teacher, I am also the homeroom teacher for Grade 7. Please note that in order to follow social distancing protocol and keep the students safe, we had to physically separate them in to two classrooms, Room 202 and Room 204.  As their homeroom teacher, I will make sure to alternate mornings, snacks and dismissal times between the two rooms.  Please be assured that ALL the teachers will be dividing their time between the two groups in order to provide an equitable learning experience for both rooms in all subject areas. 

If you need to contact me, please email me on Option C.  I have also set up Class Dojo for Grade 7, I sent links to the parent/guardian emails that were on file in Option C. Please let me know if you need me to send it to a different email.

We will be jumping right in to learning starting Monday, September 14th.  Please ensure that the students bring in their charged iPad each day. Thank you!

 I look forward to working with you and your children this year! Stay safe and God Bless! 

Mrs. Lisa Tritremmel-Cooney

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