September 11th Prayer Service

9/11 Prayer Service 

Written by Cyrus Castellanos 7th Grade

      On September 11, 2001, a horrible event occurred in New York City.  Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers and took the lives of approximately 3000 people.  This tragedy left many families in pain over the loss of their loved ones.  In order to honor all those who had passed away, our school held a prayer service commemorating all the lives that were taken.

      Early on Monday morning, we all went to church in order to begin our service.  When we started, we had a brief moment of silence in memory of the exact time, 9:59 a.m., when the first tower collapsed.  After that, we sang our opening song and proceeded to our first prayer.  Some of the 8th grade students led the prayer while we responded saying the appropriate phrase.  Father Johny and Father Anthony then shared their experiences of what they were doing during this time and we also sang additional songs for the people who died on that day.  Towards the end of the service, each grade went out into the school yard with their buddy class.  Every student was given a red, white and blue ribbon to tie onto the gate.  These ribbons represent all the people that died.  Now, our school is decorated with they prayers of each of us as a tribute to the people who perished on this horrific day.

      September 11th is a day of remembrance.  We pray that those peoples’ spirits are now resting in a better place.  On this anniversary, we remember all the families who are still suffering from loss.  This prayer service was our way of honoring all the victims and overcoming this tragedy with hope and love.