Regarding the death of Mr. George Floyd

Dear NDCA Family,

I write this email with a heavy heart and great sadness.  The death of George Floyd is beyond tragic.  It was a reprehensible act that must be recognized and acknowledged as such. In the midst of our struggles with a global pandemic and the challenges experienced by our community, we add Mr. Floyd and his family to our prayers as we struggle to process this news.

I humbly thank God each and every day that I work in a building that has a student population that is diverse.  Our students pray together, work together, collaborate together, and hopefully, will recognize and combat injustice together——they are our future.

As a school community and especially, a Catholic community, we pray for the family of George Floyd and for the many others like him, who have lost their lives due to racism, and other injustices.  We cannot tolerate unfair treatment of anyone due to ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.  We pray always that justice is served and that all people, equal in the eyes of God, will be able to live in a world where they matter; treated with true equality and justice.

Please know that faculty and staff will support our students, in whatever way possible, to process these senseless acts of violence and their consequences.  Our guidance counselor, Peggy Pinto, will also be available to speak to students should any family need her as a resource. I am always available to you as well. Feel free to contact me at


May God Bless You,

Jennifer DiLorenzo