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      Hello and welcome to Pre-K A! My name is Mrs. Susan Meyers, or Miss Sue. Together with Mrs. Terri Hertler, we are very excited to have your children this year. Pre-K is an exciting time for your children to learn important social and emotional skills while making new friends and exploring the world around them! We are both so happy to help them along their journey.  We look forward to working closely with you to make this a wonderful experience for both you and your child! We are happy that you have chosen in-person learning for your child this year. Although Prek may look a little different this year than in previous years, please know that we are doing everything in our power to keep it as normal as possible while still adhering to safety protocols.  You can reach us throughout the day by using the ClassDojo app.

October 2020 – My 5 Senses

For the next four weeks, Prek will be exploring the 5 senses.  Autumn is the perfect time for this unit.  As the signs of the season come upon us, there is so much for children to observe.  The change in seasons, from summer to fall, provides a timely opportunity to understand our natural environment through our senses. Leaves change color and fall on the ground, the air is crisper and there are new sounds and smells throughout the city. Interesting fruits and vegetables like apples and pumpkins are ripe for exploration!  Our Dramatic Play Center has turned into an apple orchard and a farm stand.  We will be sampling various apple products, tasting the difference between sweet, salty, and sour, listening for mystery sounds, and exploring various textures.  Each week I will post some Family Engagement activities to ClassDojo for you to do with your child related to each of the senses.  This is one of my favorite Prek units.  I hope it will be theirs too!  


September 2020 – Welcome to Pre-K Unit

Throughout this month, Pre-K students learn what it means to be in Pre-K.  They become acquainted with the procedures and routines of the classroom, learn about the people in our school, and learn how to make friends, share, and clean up their centers.  We will also be talking about emotions and how to deal with them.  Many students may be coming to school for the first time, or it is their first time attending full day class.  This may come with many mixed emotions.  We will talk about how it is okay to be scared, nervous or worried and how to deal with those feelings.  It is our hope that in no time, your child will be adjusted, comfortable, and ready for a great year!

Below is a link you can use to join our ClassDojo page.  ClassDojo is where we can message each other and where we post photos so you can stay connected to what your child is doing in class.

Below is our Prek Welcome letter. It contains supplies your child will need on the first day.  Our in person orientation will take place on Sept. 14th.  You will be informed as to which session you should attend.  If possible, please bring in a passport sized of your child to the orientation.  If you do not have one, I will take a picture of your child that day.  We use their photos to label their cubbies, supplies, etc.  Thank you!

Open Prek welcome letter


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