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  Hello and welcome toPre-K A! My name is Mrs.Susan Meyers, or Mrs Sue. Together with Mrs. Terri Hertler (Mrs. H), we are very excited to have your children this year. Pre-K is an exciting time for your children to learn important social and emotional skills while making new friends and exploring the world around them! We are both so happy to help them along their journey.  We look forward to working closely with you to make this a wonderful experience for both you and your child! 

September 2021 – Welcome to Pre-K Unit.

Throughout this month, Pre-K students learn what it means to be in Pre-K.  They become acquainted with the procedures and routines of the classroom, learn about the people in our school, and learn how to make friends, share, and clean up their centers.  We will also be talking about emotions and how to deal with them.  Many students may be coming to school for the first time, or it is their first time attending full day class.  This may come with many mixed emotions.  We will talk about how it is okay to be scared, nervous or worried and how to deal with those feelings.  It is our hope that in no time, your child will be adjusted, comfortable, and ready for a great year!

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