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      Hello and welcome to Pre-K A! My name is Mrs. Susan Meyers, or Miss Sue. Together with Mrs. Doris Nieves, or Miss Doris, we are very excited to have your  children this year. Pre-K is an exciting time for your children to learn important social and emotional skills while making new friends and exploring the world around them! We are both so happy to help them along their journey.  We look forward to working closely with you to make this a wonderful experience for both you and your child! You can reach us throughout the day by using the Class Tag app.

June – Transformation

6/19  Can’t believe Pre-K has come to an end.  Join us for our Stepping Up Zoom at 12:00.

End of the Year Letter

Click below for a message from Mrs. DiLorenzo.


6/18  Zoom -Join us for a Scavenger Hunt at 12:00.  See ClassTag for link.

6/17  Zoom-Join us to play Pictionary on Zoom at 12:00.  See ClassTag for link.

Week of 5/15-6/19  

Welcome to the last week of prek.  Time certainly has flown! Below is the link for the weekly activity sheet!

weekly activity12

Week of 6/8-6/12

Weekly Activity11


Hi Parents!  Welcome to June!  Our new unit, as I mentioned on our Zoom, is all about Transformation.  We will be talking about how things change all around us.  On tomorrow’s Loom video, I will explain to the children a little bit about some of the things that change and how this may often come with mixed emotions.   

Below you will find attached the weekly activities.  There is a weather chart that you may copy or make your own.  Please have your child record the weather for each day of June so they can keep track off the changes over time.  I have also included two activities for seasons.  Choose the one you like best.  Thank you!

**Reminder- Stepping Up video due by Wednesday!

Weekly Activity10


May – Baby Unit

5/26 Weekly Activity9 (1)

See below for optional Memorial Day activities:


Weekly Activity8


5/12 Please see classtag for a Loom link to see my reading of the story Maple.

5/11 Weekly Activity7








5/4 Hi Parents! Today we start our unit on Babies.  On ClassTag you will find a Loom link for a video in which I introduce the unit and some vocabulary.  I have also attached the Weekly Activity Sheet.  
Don’t forget to post  baby pictures and the coloring sheet for the Bishop.  Both are due Thursday. Have a great week!

Weekly Activity6 (1)


April- Plant Unit

Hi Parents. Thank you for joining us on Zoom today.  I think the children enjoyed it.   Our new unit that starts on Monday is Babies.  We start with human babies and then do animal babies.  For our Zoom next Thursday I am asking that each you send me a baby photo of your child and post it to the Photos section of ClassTag.  I will hold up each picture and we will see who can guess which student the baby is.  

Thank you for your cooperation! 

*** Reminder- Please remember to complete the NYC survey by tomorrow! Thank you!

*** Reminder – Please remember to post a picture of your child after they complete a coloring sheet for the Bishop. Please post any other photos you have of your child’s activities as well.

4/30 Zoom At 12:00  Join us for a game of Alphabet Bingo!

Meeting ID#  754 2047 6552

Password 1VHtLB

4/29 Please see ClassTag for worksheets for number writing practice.  I often find that children have more difficulty with numbers than letters.  Again, you do not need to print them.  You can write the numbers yourself on paper.  If your child if having difficulty copying the numbers correctly, you can write them with a yellow highlighter and have them trace the numbers.  Writing the number words is not necessary.  To learn proper habits, always make sure they are starting their numbers at the top rather the bottom. The same goes true for letters. 


4/28 A Loom link to a video I recorded for the students is posted on ClassTag.  It was not posting properly here and could not be viewed.


4/27  This is the final week of the Plant Unit.  By the end of this unit your child should be able to do the following:

  • Name what plants need to live
  • Identify the roots, stem and leaves of a plant
  • Sequence basic pictures of a plant’s life cycle
  • Distinguish between fruits and vegetables 
  • Tell why eating fruits and vegetables is important

Below is the link for this week’s activities 

Weekly Activity5( April27-May 1)


ZOOM meeting on April 23rd at 1:00

Meeting ID#  771-8780-2968

Password  6NdRAb



4/20 Click on the links below for the weekly activities.

Weekly Activity4


4/16  Hi Parents.  Just in case you haven’t checked it out in awhile, some new activities and videos have been added to our class pages in and Learn360.  Also, I recommend the KnanKids app from Khan academy.  It’s free to download and has activities in many subject areas.

4/15   Hi! Parents!  For some reason reason, the links to the letter worksheets were no longer copying and pasting properly.  You can open them up on ClassTag instead.  

4/14   Hi Parents!  Below is a link to additional resources for your child.  They are completely optional.  I know every home dynamic is different and some of you are looking for more and some of you are looking for less. The worksheets included are very good.  You can do any of the activities you like.  Another idea is to save the resources to have something to do over the summer.  Either way, I wanted to share them with you!


4/13. Hi Parents! I hope you all had a very blessed Easter weekend.  This week prek will be taking attendance by 10am.  Attached is the weekly activity sheet. Please know that any activity can be altered any way you see fit, to make easier, more challenging or to fit the materials you have at home. Please continue to send photos of your children doing them.  Hope you have fun!

PreK Digital Learning (003)


4/7   Hi Parents. Below are some links to worksheets if you would like them.

Thank you to everyone would participated in our Show-and-Tell  Zoom yesterday. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing from you. If you were not able to participate, you may video yourself doing a show and tell and post it in the Photos section for all to see! Also post pictures of your seedlings if they are growing well. I hope you will soon be able to plant them in your homemade flowerpot and water them with your homemade watering can! I hope you are enjoying this week’s YouTube stories and activities. Please send me your attendance if you still have not. Have a great day!

PreK for All Weekly Activities3

4/6 Zoom meeting  use code 229-063-4645

4/1  Show-and-Tell Zoom Meeting

Hi Parents! I know that everyone is missing each other right now. I was thinking it might be nice to do a Show and Tell on Zoom on Monday 4/6 at 11am.
If you and your child would like to participate, please plan in advance what you would like to show and a few things you would to say about it. For example, I think it would be really nice to show off something you may have made from the activity sheet that you enjoyed, like an art project, a picture of a “dirt” recipe you may have made, or something you may have made out of play dough. Please plan 2-3 things you would like to say, for example, what did you make/do? What was your favorite part of making/ doing it? Did anyone help you? What did you learn? Parents may join their child and help prompt them of course. If you mute yourself until your turn and remove gallery view, we should be able to hear and see all of you on your turn. I hope you will enjoy participating in this activity before we break for Easter. If you have any questions, let me know. Have fun planning!


Hi Parents! Below are links to some printable worksheets for letters, numbers and patterns. There is no timeline for this.  Your child can work at his/her own pace.

Below is the link for the prek activities for the week of March 30-April 3

PreK for All Weekly Activities2 (1)

Additional links for plant videos:

Please join us for a Zoom meeting at 11am March 30th

Continue to see the links below for helpful websites

March 2020  – Water 


Hi Parents! After you respond to me with your attendance today, I will be replying with a username and password for your child to get on I have added lots of activities, some are games, some are worksheets you can print. I think you may like them better than the ones on Learn360. Let me know what you think. Please be mindful that pre-K screen time is only about 15 minutes a day. I have added many activities so this should last for a awhile. I can track their progress to see how they are doing. They can complete activities in any order and skip anything too challenging for them. Have fun!
3/25  Join us for ZOOM at 11am  click join a meeting and use code:2290634645

3/24 Learn360  Username:  ndcaprek  Password:  ndca123

Use link to access our class page.

Check back regularly  as content will be added

Week of March 23rd –  click on the link below to view the week’s activities

PreK for All Weekly Activities

Sink or Float Activities listed on sheet

Rainbow Fish

You can ask questions as you read

If you are interested in printing worksheets for your child to do, here are some links that continue with the letters we left off on, as well as some math sheets.  Of course, you can print off any others you see that you like and think your child will enjoy.  These are just suggestions.

Week of March 16th.  

Hi Parents! Well, as you all know we will be continuing our water unit at home. I hope you are all doing well and we will try to provide you with helpful links and activities so you may continuing helping your pre-K child do hand- on learning at home.  Pre-K  is all about student/adult interaction, conversations and learning while engaged in meaningful play.  Please take time out each day to interact with your child.  Please complete the handouts I provided on the last day of school as well as the Weekly activity sheet posted under parent resources as well as on ClassTag.  These are meant to reinforce the unit and mimic the types of activities they would be doing in school, such as playing with water to see what sinks or floats, what materials are better at absorbing, why ice melts etc.  Please have them write their name each day just as they would be doing in school. Please incorporate learning into everyday activities such as counting and sorting socks, looking for letters around your home, observing the changes in nature, and playing pretend or dress up.  
Starting Monday March 23rd, we will be taking daily attendance on ClassTag.  EVERY MORNING BEFORE 10am, please send me a text simply saying “PRESENT” so that I know that you are checking in each day for work, announcements, etc. On Friday, you can text me a picture of the activity with the circled activities your child completed. You can also upload photos of your child doing them so we can all stay in touch! I would love to see them and I am sure they would love seeing each other!  I will keep adding links and helpful websites below as I get them.  Thank you and stay well!

Free accounts: use school code SCHOOL5836  
www.AdventureAcademey .com/redeem

Other suggested websites:                                                                                                       has virtual field trips including on from the Montego Bay Aquarium

February 2020 – Light

My favorite time of the pre-k yer is when when we get into all the science related units!  Light definitely seems to be a favorite unit.  Students get very excited as we turn off all the lights and go exploring with flashlights.  They  learn how shadows are created, what makes day turn into night, and how light passes through some object and not others.  They especially love going “camping” in our dramatic play area, complete with tent and pretend s’mores!!  We even enjoyed a special presentation of Shadowtales, a shadow light show, in the gym.  Pre-K just keeps getting better and better!  

January 2020 – Transportation

Happy New Year!  This month we explore transportation.  This is usually a very exciting topic for students, especially those already obsessed with cars, planes, trains, etc.!  We will be talking about how people get from place to place, not only in our community, but various ways in which people can travel around the world.  We will sort them into land, water, or air forms of travel.  We will end the end up by talking about how to be safe when using transportation, recognizing some road signs, and how to obey them in order to be safe.  

December 2019 – Where We Live

After three months of exploring self, pre-K finally gets to begin exploring the world around them.  In the Where We Live Unit, students will get to learn about  the community in which they live.  They will learn about all Ridgewood has to offer, such as the kinds of community helpers it has, the stores and services it offers, the means of transportation, as well as the the types of homes.  Students will distinguish between apartments and houses as well as city verses country.  Weather permitting, we will take a neighborhood walk so they can see first hand what their community is like!

Prek will also be participating in the Christmas show on December 20th. We hope all parents will be able to attend and see their child perform!

November 2019 – All About Me

This month, students will become more aware of themselves as a person.  They will discover that they are unique individuals with their own emotions, like and dislikes, and their own unique style.  They will create self-portraits and likenesses of themselves from head to toe in a family engagement project.  They will also see that their own families and customs are special as we learn that all families are different in make-up as well in culture and traditions.  One way we bring this point across is through a pre-K family feast.  We hope to see you there!

October 2019- My Five Senses

Fall is the perfect time to explore the five senses.  There is so much around us to see, hear, feel, taste and touch.  This month we with do a taste test with salty, sweet, and sour food to see what we like best.  We will smell scents of different herbs and foods, try to guess different sounds and feel items in a mystery box.  We will also be talking all about fall and how the weather changes, how the trees change, what holidays there are, and all the different kinds of food there are.  Our dramatic play area will be transformed into an apple orchard.  We hope you will encourage all of these discussions at home to help reinforce their learning and expand their vocabulary.  

September 2019 – Welcome to Pre-K Unit

Throughout this month, Pre-K students learn what it means to be in Pre-K.  They become acquainted with the procedures and routines of the classroom, learn about the people in our school, and learn how to make friends, share, and clean up their centers.  We will also be talking about emotions and how to deal with them.  Many students may be coming to school for the first time, or it is their first time attending full day class.  This may come with many mixed emotions.  We will talk about how it is okay to be scared, nervous or worried and how to deal with those feelings.  It is our hope that in no time, your child will be adjusted, comfortable, and ready for a great year!



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