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 I would like to welcome you to the start of an exciting new year. My name is Nicole Baldassarre and I will be your child’s teacher this year. The children can call me Ms.Nicole. Our classroom assistant teacher is Mrs Edyta Moniuszko. The children can call her Ms. Edyta. I am very happy to be teaching your child this year.Since this will be the first school experience for many children I hope to make it an enjoyable one. Please feel free to speak to me at any time with any questions or concerns. I encourage all of you to sign up for Class Dojo. This will enable me to send you classroom pictures and updates through a text. 





Just a Reminder: Dismissal on Wednesday April 17th is at 1:00 for all students. Students will be dismissed from the gym.

Afterschool is not available.



We recently started a new unit in Pre-k – Plants. We are learning the parts of the plant, how they grow and how plants can help us. We recently took a walk to a local florist, Flowers by Nonna, where we were able to see and feel different plants and plant some beans. 





Just a Reminder: Tuesday March 26th, is a Professional Day for Pre-k. Pre-k students do not have school on Tuesday.





During our Water Unit we learned what happens when you put things in water. We put water marbles(Orbeez) in a bucket of water and watched as they grew.












We were happy to have a visit from the New York Hall of Science. They taught us about light and shadows and we made sundials.










We recently started our new unit :  Light

The children have been learning about different types of light, where we can find them and how they can help us.

The children were very excited to use our classroom light table.









Our Class Trip to the Children’s Fun House!





For our new unit, Transportation, we turned part of our dramatic play center into Times Square. The children are having a lot of fun using our classroom taxi that they helped make. 






Just a reminder: Friday January 18th  dismissal is at 2:20 for Pre-k from the schoolyard.

After-school is not available.

There is no school on Monday January 21st due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day



Thank You fireman Nieves for coming to our school and teaching us about fire safety!





We recently had a visit from Simona the Italian Fairy. Simona performs in the Columbus Day parade every year. She taught us some new songs in Italian. The children really enjoyed her visit.





Merry Christmas from Pre-k 




Christmas Movie & Pajama Day!




Thank You Shadow Box Theater for coming to our school and putting on a holiday play for Pre-k.




We made Gingerbread Playdough!









The children were very excited for our school Thanksgiving celebration.




Just a reminder: Dismissal on Wednesday November 21 is at 1:00 for all students. The students will be dismissed from the gym. After-school is not available. 

School will be closed Thursday November 22& Friday November 23 for Thanksgiving.

There is no school for Pre-k on Wednesday November 28.





Thank you to Chef Chris and his helpers from the Young Chef’s Academy for coming to our school and teaching the Pre-k how to make cheesy bread.





Our Pumpkin Investigation








The children painted sheets of bubble wrap yellow to look and feel like corn. Once we were done we created a corn field in our hallway!






We recently started our new unit: The Five Senses. The children are learning about their five senses and how we use them. We created a Five Senses board for the children to examine and play with.






Our Pumpkin Patch!





Our Columbus Day Projects.



The children cut out different pieces of blue paper to represent the ocean. Next they glued them onto the paper plate  and added a picture of Christopher Columbus.





Our Fall Trees

The children made trees using different art materials!





September 7, 2018

  Just a reminder Monday we start full days of school. The children will be dismissed at 2:20p.m all week from the schoolyard. If you haven’t sent in a small blanket or pillow yet, please do so by Monday.

Thank You!


We are working on a Family Tree for our classroom. Here we have pictures of our classmates with their families. The children really enjoy showing their friends the important people in their lives.



We recently read  A Kissing Hand for  Chester Raccoon and made our own “kissing hands” for our classroom.


















































We had a great time observing and learning about butterflies. 



Releasing our Butterflies!








 As we continue with our unit on Babies we learned about animal babies. The children picked their favorite animals and drew pictures of them.


Pigs and piglets!                                                          Cheetah and cub!







Our Butterflies

Last week our caterpillars arrived. We watched as they formed a cocoon and waited for them to 

turn into butterflies. So far we have four butterflies, once the last one emerges we will release them in the schoolyard.





We recently started a unit on Babies. The children will learn about what babies need, life cycles of animals and how babies grow and change. We asked the parents to send in a picture of their child when they were a baby and the children had to guess who the baby was. We posted them all on our bulletin board so the children can see them and play the guessing game throughout the day.





We recently finished a unit on Plants. In this unit we learned the parts of the plant, what plants need to grow , how to take care of plants and what we can get from plants. The children had fun creating their own ” garden” for our dramatic play center. We also planted carrots, onions, radishes, beans and tomatoes in our room. We can’t wait to see them grow.


                  Our Class Garden.







Over the last few weeks we have been learning about water in our new unit. The children had fun finding out where water can be found, what happens when water changes temperature, what happens when you put things in water and how water can help us. This unit helped us prepare for our next unit about plants. We look forward to exploring what our next unit will allow us to learn!


We made a rain cloud in our classroom. The children took turns filling a bucket with water until it was almost to the top. Next they added some shaving cream on top to represent a cloud. We slowly added blue, red and yellow food coloring to represent rain. Once the “rain” started to fall the children saw how rain could fall from a cloud.














We made oceans in a bottle. The children had to count and measure scoops of sand, they added seashells and small fish beads. Next they measured water and added it to their bottles. 












We made Orbeez!

The children were excited to make Orbeez( water marbles) in our class. We put the small beads into a bucket of water and watched as they grew throughout the day. Each student was able to take some home with them to show their families.




We were lucky to have a visit from the Hall of Science. They taught us about bubbles. We learned how to make bubble, what colors are in bubbles and what shapes bubbles can be. The children had a great time making bubbles.




The  children made an ocean outside of our class room. They each picked what under water animal they wanted to add to scene. We had sharks, dolphins, fish, an octopus, and even some mermaids.






 We made a class submarine! Families also made paper boats to send in to our classroom. We wanted to see if they would sink or float.







We discussed the different bodies of water we know. The children chose which body of water they liked best and created their own versions.








While we were learning about shadows in our Light unit, we created a ” shadow theater” in our classroom. The children had fun going behind the curtain creating shadows and trying to guess what their classmates were holding.



During our unit on Light, the children learned about darkness and night. They were shown a picture of Van Gogh’s  Starry Night, and tried to recreate the painting .

 The original painting

Our  Class Interpretations!




We  recently celebrated our 1ooth day of school. Each student was given a poster to take home and decorate with 100 different things.


Some of our 100 Days of School Projects.

 All of our 100 Days of School projects on display outside of our classroom.


This week we started our new unit on Light. The children were very excited to use our new portable light table.




During Catholic Schools Week our school celebrated different countries and cultures with our International Day. UPK had Eastern Europe. Our class looked up the countries in Eastern Europe and painted their flags.




We made snow in our classroom!

The children were able to make their own “snow”. We measured out the instant-snow and water and watched the snow grow . The children were able to touch the “snow” and they each took a bottle home with them.


For our new unit on Transportation, we made a school bus for our classroom.



Winter in Pre-K B 


We made snowmen using the letters in our name.


We made Gingerbread Playdough




During our ” All About Me” unit, we read The Crayon Box That Talked. The children picked their favorite color and created their own crayon. We put them all together to make our own unique crayon box.




Some of our Family Engagement Turkey Projects for Thanksgiving!


We recently had a visit from Marigold Mike, who taught us about pumpkins and allowed us to paint them and take them home. This inspired us to create our own pumpkin patch outside our classroom!