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 I would like to welcome you to the start of an exciting new year. My name is Nicole Baldassarre and I will be your child’s teacher this year. The children can call me Ms.Nicole. Our classroom assistant teacher is Ms. Marta I am very happy to be teaching your child this year.Since this will be the first school experience for many children I hope to make it an enjoyable one. Please feel free to speak to me at any time with any questions or concerns. I encourage all of you to sign up for Class Tag. This will enable me to send you classroom pictures and updates through a text. 












Thank you to the Central Park Zoo Wildlife Theater for coming to our classroom and teaching us about the rainforest. The children really enjoyed  using their five senses to learn about and explore the rain forest!







We changed our dramatic play center into Dunkin Donuts for Our Five Senses Unit. The children had fun making their own doughnuts and pretending to be in Dunkin Donuts.





For Our Five Senses unit we created a mini board for the children 






We recently performed our first science experiment. We wanted to see what would happen to an apple once we cut it .  We took an apple, cut it and left it in the science center for the children to observe. Throughout the day the children kept going over to the science center to see if and how the apple was changing. 







The children had a circle hunt in the classroom. They had to look around the classroom for objects that were  circles. They found  cups, bowls, glue sticks , markers and toys.  Once we found them we used them to paint a collage of different circles










Just a Reminder: The All About Me projects that were sent home in the beginning of September are due Monday September23.


Thank you to everyone that  sent in family photos for our classroom Family Tree.The children enjoy looking at their pictures and showing their classmates who the people in their family are. If you haven’t sent in a photo yet, please do so.

Starting Monday September 16th, we will be starting our Religion class. Children staying for Religion will be dismissed at 2:50 from the school gym. Children not staying for Religion will be dismissed at 2:20 from the schoolyard.




Starting next week we will be working on a Family Tree for our classroom.This will allow the children to show their classmates the important people in their lives and have something special in the classroom. Please send in a picture of your family that we can keep in the classroom for the whole year.