Parent Updates

To:              NDCA Parents/Guardians

From:         Mrs. DiLorenzo

Date:           October 16, 2020

Re:              Important News and Reminders


Traffic Concerns

  • We were informed today by the 104th Precinct yesterday that members of the community are complaining about the double parking and blocking of driveways to the community advocates. They will be sending officers around regularly and will be ticketing as needed.  Please keep in mind that double parking as well as blocking the crosswalk is extremely dangerous for the children walking and trying to do so safely.  Please be mindful, get here early or set up a location to meet your child so you are following the law.  They are only there to keep the families and children safe and out of harm’s way.

Yellow Zone

  • NDCA continues to stay in the yellow zone. I would ask that if your child is sick that you please keep them home and continue to follow the 4 Core
    • Stay home if you are sick
    • Maintain social distancing
    • Wear a mask
    • Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently and use sanitizer.

If your child is out sick, they MUST have a Dr. note to return.  The note should state that your child may return to school (with a date) and was absent due to a Non Covid related illness.  Even with that note we would ask if they are still showing symptoms to please keep them home until they are symptom free.  This is how we will prevent any illness in the building. 

Trunk or Treat

  • We are continuing to plan a Truck or Treat for the school. We will give each grade a time and we will limit the amount of people into the school yard to 25  If for some reason we need to cancel, the money will be returned and we will send treat bags created by staff using gloves and masks home with the children.  Please continue to send in your donations of candy for service hours. A flier will be sent home next week regarding ticket sales.

Parent Locker App

  • Beginning on Monday we will be using the Parent Locker App only for the health screening. If you are unable to login you MUST then print a google form and complete it and print it for your child to hand it in.  Please know that when you use parent locker we will have a check mark next to the child’s name and do not have to see anything like originally thought.  However, if your child does not have the check mark AND does not have a printed google form, they will not be permitted to enter the building.  This is a REQUIREMENT OF NYS that MUST be adhered too or we will be shut down.

Technology Device Request

  • We will be sending home devices for those that requested them next week. Please note that if you do not need them you would be better off keeping them in school.  There are no extras if they leave them home.  The request can be updated if we are required to go full remote and you need one at that time.  If your child brings it home as per your request and leaves it home, they will be receiving a 0 in classwork in each class for the day.  It would be as if they left their school bag home and came in without their books. Some classes uses them more than others, please keep that in mind.  


*This memo was also sent out as an email through the OptionC Parent Alert System.  If you did not receive an email of this memo, please send an email to  with your correct email address.  We would like to go “green” and will be sending future communications in email format as well as posting them on the school website in the Parent Portal.

 Parent Update 10-16-2020