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December 2nd-6th

This week, Nursery began learning about Christmas and the importance of being together. We read the book, “A Homemade Together Christmas” by Maryann Cocca-Leffler, to learn about how creating gifts and giving an item that is meaningful is rewarding. On Monday, the students created hand-printed reindeer for Christmas. On Tuesday, the children decorated our class tree. On Wednesday, the children created baby Jesus in the cradle. On Thursday, the students traced and decorated the number three for recognition. Next week, Nursery will continue to focus on the letter J for recognition, create their own gingerbread men, create snowmen using the number of letters in their first name, decorate their own candy cane, and will decorate their own stockings. 

*Reminder* NDCA is closed on December 9th. Thank you!

November 25th-27th

This week, Nursery participated in many activities for Thanksgiving. On Monday, we learned about thankfulness in our religion unit. Also, we voted on our favorite food for Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, our fourth grade buddies visited our classroom and we created matching hats for the Thanksgiving luncheon that took place on Wednesday. Following up on Wednesday, Nursery had a snack party in the classroom before our Thanksgiving luncheon with the school. Have a blessed Happy Thanksgiving!

November 18th-21st

This week, Nursery focused on the letter I. We created “ice-cream” by coloring our own cones and ice-cream. We also focused on the letter I by practicing our fine motor skills using glue and glitter. We focused on the number two and colored/traced a large number two cut out. We created a hand print turkey for Thanksgiving and continued to learn about gratitude and what it means to celebrate Thanksgiving. Next week, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving by having our own snack party in the classroom! If you signed up to bring in a snack, please bring the food item by drop-off.  We will be participating in buddy work as well with fourth grade by creating Thanksgiving hats. Lastly, we will create acorn hand-prints. 

*Reminders *

November 27th is a 12:30pm dismissal.

November 28th and 29th – NDCA is closed.

Thank you!

November 12th-15th

This week, Nursery focused on the letter H. We decorated our H with tissue paper and glue for fine motor practice. We also created a heart for the letter H using our hand-prints. Nursery practiced their pre-writing skills by tracing their names using a marker. Lastly, we had the opportunity to create corn as a symbol for autumn and Thanksgiving. Along with our Thanksgiving festivities, nursery created their own place mats for their Thanksgiving party and luncheon that will be occurring in the next two weeks. We spoke on what we are thankful for, and what it means to appreciate what is around us. Next week, nursery will create a turkey hand-print, focus on the letter I, and continue to learn about what Thanksgiving is.


Nursery will not have class on Friday, 11/20. Thank you in advance. 

November 4th-8th

This week, Nursery voted on their favorite leaf color and created their own corn on the cob using construction paper and tissue paper on Monday. On Tuesday, Nursery created the American flag using their hand print for Veteran’s Day. On Wednesday, we decorated the letter G for letter recognition, and on Thursday, we created a giraffe for the letter G. On Friday, we colored Jesus’ cross for religion as we learned how to be thankful and grateful for what we have each day. 

Next week, Nursery will be creating a heart for the letter H, decorating the letter H for letter recognition, creating “ice cream” for the letter I, and creating their own Thanksgiving place mats to take home for the holiday. 

*Reminder* NDCA is closed on Monday, 11/11. Thank you!

October 28th-November 1st

This week, Nursery accomplished many crafts and activities for Halloween and community learning. On Monday, we celebrated the Statue of Liberty’s birthday and created crowns resembling one our historic statues for New York City. On Tuesday, we created a splat paint cauldron for our “witch” in “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson. On Wednesday, we carved our own pumpkin! Our children guessed what was inside the pumpkin (They guessed spiders), felt the inside of the pumpkin (The seeds, etc.), and decided how the face should look (They decided, happy!). At the end, the children named the pumpkin, Patch. On Thursday, we celebrated Halloween! We had a party and children gave out goodie-bags to take home. On Friday, one of our students won Student of the Month for Helpfulness, and children had the opportunity to work with their fourth grade buddies to create a book for All Saints Day. 

October 21st-25th

This week, Nursery voted on our favorite monsters (witch, mummy, ghost, or vampire), practiced their fine motor skills by placing Halloween-based stickers on paper, decorated the letter F, played with “ghost mud” that was left in the classroom by a ghost, and created a fish with their hand-print for the letter F. The children created a special surprise for their parents which are rice crispy treats covered with white chocolate and eyes to represent a ghost for the Halloween Party for next week. They are accomplishing a tremendous amount this month! Next week, the children will create a paper plate crown for the Statue of Liberty’s Birthday, create a paint splat cauldron for the witch from “Room on the Broom,” by Julia Donaldson, create a spider web using salt and glue, focus on name recognition practice, and create a giraffe for the letter G.

This past month, the children can recognize the month we are in during morning meeting and can verbalize what day we are in (such as Friday). The children are also excelling in their color and shape recognition.

Reminder* Our class Halloween party will take place on 10/31 during snack time. If you have signed up on Class Dojo, please remember to bring in the snack you chose. Thank you! 

October 15th-18th

This week, nursery experimentally painted with leaves, apple tasted three different types of apples (Pink Lady, Red Delicious, and Crispin), decorated the number one for recognition, and created a hand print elephant for the letter E. We had a parent come in on Friday as a guest reader, and the mother read, “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson. The children truly enjoyed listening to the parent read, and it created wonderful excitement for her daughter! As we get closer to our holiday Halloween, our children will be participating in more activities and crafts next week such as: creating a jack-o-lantern, decorating the letter F, name recognition craft, creating ghost mud using ivory soap and tissue paper, and creating a fish hand print for the letter F. 

October 7th- October 11th

This week, nursery practiced recognizing the letter E and what it stands for. For example, we learned that E is for Elephant! Further, the children enjoyed their week by creating crafts based on the holiday and autumn season. We experimented and painted with acorns, created a splatter painted pumpkin, and took a vote around the room of what is everyone’s favorite animal – a dog, cat, fish, bird, or lizard. The children colored the animal that they liked the most. The children have been enjoying their seasonal books as well such as “Clifford’s First Halloween,” and “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat.” Next week, the children will participate in tasting different varieties of apples, paint with leaves, learn and recognize the number one, and create an elephant for the letter E.

Reminder: There is no nursery class on October 14th – School is Closed. Thank you.

September 30th-October 4th

This week, Nursery celebrated the month of October by creating candy corn hand-prints, spiders while singing, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” practiced recognizing the letter D, and created a Dinosaur for the letter D. The children also practiced name recognition by decorating their names with glitter of their choice. Further, to set up the classroom for the upcoming holiday, Halloween, the classroom has been decorated thanks to the children’s artwork. The children created mummies for the door to celebrate! The children have been truly enjoying their time outdoors, as we take walks around the school property, or color with chalk outside. Next week, we will be focusing on pumpkins, and using pine-cones for experimental painting. 


September 23rd-27th

This week, Nursery continued to focus on the letter B by decorating a large cut-out of it, and creating a “bird” using their hand-print. Children were also introduced to the letter C, and created a crab using paint and their hands as well. We had the opportunity to vote on our favorite shape – and, by the results, it was tied. We spoke about the start of Autumn and have read many books based on it such as, “When the Leaf Blew in.” Lastly, we experimented this week by creating our own play-doh using flour and water! The children were mesmerized by the results. On Friday, we tested with water and toys to see if they would “sink” or “float.” The responses given by the children were brilliant and a start to their scientific minds! Next week, we will be creating “mummy’s” for our classroom door, focusing more on our name and recognizing the letters involved, and delving into the meaning behind October and what is celebrated during this month. 

Below lists the October Newsletter for Nursery. 

October Newsletter

September 16th-20th

This week, nursery continued the practice and recognition of the letter A. We created an apple using our hand-print, and decorated an A for observational practice. We began practicing our recognition of our first names as well. A few children were able to trace the letters in their name, or even created imaginative letters for practice. I could not be more proud of them. Within centers, the children have been enjoying their time exploring the House Center and exploring imaginative play. Further, the children have been taking advantage of the weather by going on a walk around the school property, and to even run outside. Next week we will speak upon the our season change to Autumn, the letter B and continue our name practice. We will anticipate experimentation on “sink or float” of objects around the room, and creating our own “play-doh.”

Photos of the week are located on the link below!

Sept 16 to 20

sept 16 to 20 2


September 9th-12th

This week, nursery uncovered the letter A and agreed that A is for Apple. We also created a hand print American flag for Patriot Day. Lastly, we voted on what our favorite color is. On Monday, we celebrated Adrianna S.’s birthday! Happy Birthday to Adrianna! Our friends in the classroom are truly enjoying themselves! I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish for next week!




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Hello Parents! My name is Palma Taranto and your children may call me Ms. T! I am thrilled to begin my teaching here at Notre Dame Catholic Academy. I will be posting updates on what will be occurring here in the classroom each week! There will be links for your convenience and access to what will be going on in the room monthly and what we will be focusing on. Thank you for your cooperation, and I look forward to getting to know you all! 

September Letter


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