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Welcome to PK3B! My name is Ms. Taranto (Ms. T) and my teacher’s assistant’s name is Ms. Liz!

November 2021

Our motive for this month is about US! We will be focusing on our class, our grown-ups, our building, how to care, and touching on Thanksgiving. We will be celebrating a fun Friday for Thanksgiving this year! We will continue to observe the weather changes and finding out why we are thankful.


November 15th-19th

This week, children focused on thanksgiving and caring for one another. We made a kind heart using paint and hands, turkeys using glue and markers, and made our own turkey hats!

November 8th-November 12th

This week, children created a Veteran’s Day Eagle using paper and glue, Thanksgiving Hats to show what we’re thankful for, and we painted paper pumpkins using legos. 

November 1st-November 5th

This week, we focused on the color yellow, the letter G, and our portaits. We were able to make ourselves using paper, and got to recognize our pictures while using our favorite crayon colors. 

October 2021

Our motive for this month is focusing on ourselves, our families, our feelings, our bodies, and things we like. We will focus on Autumn and the changing of seasons from summer to cooler weather. We will focus on sensory experiences by using water toys, and playing with soap and tissue paper to create “clean mud.” We look forward to having a fun and exciting month in nursery.

October 25th-29th

This week, we did many activities to celebrate Halloween! We as a class, took a vote on our favorite candy, got to use our 5 senses when opening our pumpkin (and named it once it became a jack-o-lantern, Pumpkin), and used glue and cut outs for our ghosts. The ghosts are orange to focus on the color of the month.

October 18th-October 22nd

This week, children were able to explore the color orange, use natural objects for art such as leaves, and explore painting with finger paint and dotters. 

October 12th-October 15th

This week, we continued to focus on using dotter paint and using the color orange. We took a tally to get to know ourselves more and what we like. We took a vote this week to decide which fruit do we like more: apples or bananas. Apples ended up winning by one vote! Apples scored 8 and bananas scored 7. It was a great and fun week!

October 4th-October 8th

This week, we focused on apples and what they taste like. We observed different colors of apples and if they taste differently. We painted on our own paper apples with dotter paints for improving fine motor skills. 

September 2021

Our motive for this month is to become acclimated in our classroom environment. By learning about our community in the classroom, getting to know our teachers, and getting familiar with our school building, our children will be prepared for our upcoming adventure in nursery.  

September 27th-October 1st

Our children focused on family this week. We discussed who lives in our homes, and had the chance to draw our family members. 

September 20th-24th

Our children focused on getting comfortable with the classroom. We learned what we can do in the classroom (i.e. play, read, make friends), and crafted a school bus. We had a wonderful time learning and playing this week!

September 13th-17th

Our children had a fantastic first week! We painted, colored with crayons, and got to explore our centers such as the kitchen, blocks, and manipulatives. 


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