NDCA goes to the Apple Store

                                     The Apple Trip                                                Written By: Alexandra Sciacca Gr.6


    On April 24th, 2018 Grades 6 and 7 went to the Apple Store in Queens Center Mall. Grades 6 and 7 went there to take a very interesting class: Coding! Everyone had a great time and they really enjoyed stepping out of their comfort zone. Some of the students were familiar with this topic, but everyone loved using the App Swift Playgrounds to learn about commands and functions and what they have to do with apps and video games. Our Instructors: Marshall and Alfonso, helped us use the App. This is an App designed to learn about different coding techniques. They said that when you complete Learn to Code 3 you will be ready to create your own App.

Not only did 6 and 7 go on the Apple trip but grades 1-5 did too! They all had a great time and it was very interesting to see all of the products that Apple put before us. We used these products (iPads) to use the App for the lesson. I know for certain that all the grades loved this trip and definitely want to take another Coding Class!

The Apple store offers free classes to children on a regular basis.  They have a program called Kids Hour at all locations.