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Welcome Art and Music!

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My name is Ms. Talutis, and I will be teaching Art and Music. I am very excited to join the NDCA community!

Our music program is affiliated with the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall. During the Fall, we will be exploring Greek folk, Malian traditional, and Indian classical music. In the Spring, we will explore jazz, bomba and plena, and Brazilian music. We will be receiving our instruments next month, and I look forward to becoming acquainted with all my music students in grades K-5!

In grades 6-8, we will be using Art to further our understanding of the content learned in subjects such as English Language-Arts and Social Studies. I will be checking in with Ms. Robles and Mrs. Cooney in order to create engaging projects. 

Please have your child bring in the following supplies as soon as they can:


colored pencils

regular pencils


a pencil sharpener





watercolor paint

The following will be kept in the Art room:

1 pack of multicolored construction paper

1 container of wipes

1 roll of paper towels

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