March 8, 2021 Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This time last year we were closing our doors for what we thought would be two weeks of remote learning.  Little did we know what we were about to face.  Now, almost a year later we have been able to successfully maintain a healthy learning situation for our children that have wanted to return to 5 days of in person instruction as well as have some new families join our NDCA family.

I hope this letter finds everyone safe and well.  I am writing to just send out some dates coming up and review some protocol as well as announce some updated policies.  Students in grades 3-8 have been alternating weeks and attending Mass.  Today I went with the students in grades 6-8 as they received confession.  It was nice to see them visiting Church and thinking about God.

As many of you are aware the CDC has sent out updated guidance regarding Covid-19 protocols.  Please note that we do not follow the guidance of the CDC but of DOHMH.  DOHMH has not sent out any new guidance, but should be doing so shortly.  At this time I would suggest that you follow the guidance in the parent portal regarding travel and when new travel guidelines I will post updated ones there as well.  

Although this has been addressed I wanted to share with you FAQ for remote learning:

  • Can my child switch to remote learning when he is out sick from school for the day?
    • Your child may only switch to remote learning only if he or she is out from school because of COVID-19 related symptoms; a child who is too sick to come to school may not switch to remote learning for the day.
  • If my child must quarantine because of exposure to someone positive with COVID-19, can he or she switch to remote learning?
    • Yes, children may switch to remote learning for the duration of the quarantine.
  • Can my child extend his time as a remote learner if he is an in-person student?
    • No, once your child is cleared to come back to school, he or she must return to school or be considered absent.
  • If my child gets hurt and is on crutches, can she switch to remote learning?
    • Yes, a child who has an injury that requires her to use crutches may switch to remote learning until she is well enough to come back to school.
  • Can I contact my child’s teacher to receive the Zoom links directly?
    • No, you must contact the office first for permission to switch to remote learning and receive the Zoom links.
  • What do I do if my child or a member of the family has had possible exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
    • You should answer yes to the health screening questions, keep your child home, contact the office, and your health care provider for next steps. The health care provider must clear your child in order for him to come back to school.

Important Dates:

  • Box Top Dress Down – March 11th
  • Grades 6-8 Mass and NJHS Blessing and distribution of the pins – March 12th
  • Grades 3-5 receive confession at 11 a.m. – March 15th
  • Second Trimester ends – March 18th
  • #Parents PDHP meeting at 7 p.m. registration is required
  • Grades 3-5 Attend Mass at 11 a.m. – March 19th
  • Family Mass at OLMM Church at 10:30 a.m – March 21st
  • Confirmation class for the parents and students – March 24th 7 p.m.
  • Report Cards sent home – March 25th
  • Report card virtual meetings – March 26th This is also a remote learning day for students.  They will have morning meeting at 8:30 and be given work that will need to be completed by 5 p.m.
  • First Reconciliation – March 27th at 10 a.m.
  • Grades 4,6, and7 will take the NYS ELA TEST – April 20-21 (waiting on further direction from the state)
  • Grades 4, 6, 7 NYS MATH TEST – May 4th and 5th(waiting on further direction from the state)


I wanted to let you know as well that we will be waiving the service hours for the year.  I do not think it is fair to charge you for hours that we cannot ask you to work off throughout the year.  We will be getting creative with some fundraisers and if you are able to contribute a little extra to our fundraisers, I would encourage you to do so.  This will help the school raise the money that we need while keeping everyone safe and following guidelines.  If anyone has any suggestions that you would like to share with me regarding some out of the box, safe fundraisers please feel free to reach out to

At this time registration is open and ongoing.  If you know anyone interested in Pre-K For All our code is QADR and they can register by going to choose  Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood (Code QADR) deadline to apply for Pre K is April 7th.   If anyone needs assistance we would be happy to help.   We are also able to schedule individual in person tours. Please encourage friends interested in attending to reach out to us.

Stay safe and well!

Mrs. Jennifer DiLorenzo

March Letter to Parents