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Kindergarten (2020-2021)

Hello! Congratulations on completing Pre-K and stepping up to Kindergarten. My name is Ms. Byron and I teach Kindergarten-B. We are going to have so much fun in Kindergarten! I am so excited to meet you and watch you learn and grow all school year. 

Kindergarten Supply List (2020-2021 School Year)

** Please note that this supply list is subject to change as guidelines continue to come out from the CDC, Gov. Cuomo, and the Diocese. **

Please label all supplies with your child’s first and last name.

Required Items
-4 two pocket folders (One will be sent home daily with homework and notes. The other three will be trimester folders. These will be sent home at report card conferences.)
-1 zippered soft pencil case
-1 box of pencils
-1 ream of computer paper
-$20 per child (This will be used to buy notebooks, glue sticks, crayons, etc. for the students)
-1 standard backpack (No wheels please – It should be able to hold a full sized folder)
-1 soft lunchbox (No metal lunchboxes please)

Tentative Items
** We understand that these items may be harder to find in stores. Please send them in if you are able to find them. **
-2 boxes of tissues
-2 rolls of paper towels
-2 bottles of hand sanitizer
-1 pack of baby wipes
-2 containers of Clorox wipes

Kindergarten 2020 Summer Work

Below is a list of work for you to complete this summer. All work has been assigned on Education City ( Student logins have been posted. You can click on the hyperlink (Education City Logins (Kinder 2020-2021)) to access them. All videos and activities are tablet-friendly. In Math, you will work on counting from 1-5 and then 1-10. In ELA, you will work on the letters in the alphabet and the sound that each letter makes.

Please have all assignments submitted by August 28, 2020. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful summer!

Math Videos
Five Little Ducks (Count from 1-5)
Busy Bees (Counting to 10)

Math Activities
Baker’s Shop (Count Up to 5)
Frog Hunt (Count Up to 5)
Counting Bugs (Counting Up to 5 Objects)
Bon-Go Go Go! (Counting to Ten)
Eggs for Breakfast (Counting Up to Ten Objects)

ELA Videos
ABC (Let’s Sing the ABC Song)
ABC Sing-along (Sing the ABCs)

ELA Activities
Ant Antics (Letter Aa), Bubble Trouble (Letter Bb), Curly Caterpillar (Letter Cc), 
Disco Dancing Dinos (Letter Dd), Elephant Escapade (Letter Ee), 
Fancy Footwork (Letter Ff), Grumpy Goats (Letter Gg), Horse Play (Letter Hh), 
Icy Igloo (Letter Ii), Jumping Jelly (Letter Jj), Kit Kite (Letter Kk), 
Lovely Lollipops (Letter Ll), Muddy Monster (Letter Mm), Nodding Newts (Letter Nn), 
Ocean Outing (Letter Oo), Park Play (Letter Pp), Queen’s Quiz (Letter Qq), 
Run, Rabbit, Run (Letter Rr), Seven Seas (Letter Ss), Tent Trick (Letter Tt), 
Under the Umbrella (Letter Uu), Visiting Vet (Letter Vv), Wishing Well (Letter Ww), 
Think Outside the Fox (Letter Xx), Yellow Yo-Yo (Letter Yy), Zigzag Zebra (Letter Zz)

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