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September 2018

Ciao a tutti quanti! Hello everyone!

My name is Pierpaolo Capalbo. This is my second year teaching Italian  at Notre Dame Catholic Academy in Ridgewood and the Italian and Spanish teacher at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy in Bayside.

I always had a natural interest for foreign language and cultures. I strongly believe that learning another language and culture benefits a person beyond the ability to communicate in that given language. Comprehending a different set of cultural and social values opens ones mind to the value of diversity and a different perspective of the world.

When I moved to the United States I was amazed on the size of the Italian community here. It is a community that despite distance and new cultural influxes carries a great pride of its heritage and is committed to maintain and pass on its values to their children. My goal is to serve this community and to embed an appreciation among my students for a culture and a language that has deeply contributed to what we all share today as citizens of the world.

I studied Foreign Language and Literature at University of Florence (Italy) and Linguistics at University of Seville (Spain). I hold a Master Degree in International Relations from the University of Syracuse.  


I teach at Notre Dame on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and OLBS on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Italian classes are offered at Notre Dame, Nursery through 8th grade.. At OLBS, 4rd grade and younger take Spanish; 4th grade and older take Italian.

Classes are held once a week for 45 minutes (30 minutes for Nursery and Pre-K).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me a message on OptionC or email me at

The textbook used in the classroom is Progetto Italiano Junior 1 for grades (5-8). I will provide the studying material to students as we progress with the textbook. This will be combined with further material which I will provide during the year. Students are required to maintain and bring to class the assigned material. Students who will not comply will be penalized academically. 


This year, NDCA was awarded the IACE (Italian American Commitee on Education) grant for the outstanding service provided by NDCA to the development and use of the Italian language and culture in the United States. The grant provides school material (text and practice books, CD-ROMs) for grades PreK-5 designed to enhance the learning experience of your children. The material is used in class and copies will be given to students at the end of the academic year. 


– notebook     – pencil/pen

– assigned material    

Questions? Send me a message on OptionC or email me at

I am excited to go on an adventure in language and culture with your child!

Buon anno scolastico!!!

Pierpaolo Capalbo

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