Happy Fall – Letter from Mrs. DiLorenzo

October 2018,

Happy Fall……

Can you believe one month of school has come and gone?  I wanted to take a few minutes to recap some amazing things that have already taken place the past 6 weeks here at NDCA.

First let me start by saying Thank you to all of our families.  You have all made me feel so welcomed in my new position at NDCA.  Thank you for supporting me and taking this journey with me to continue making NDCA a place where our students and families come to learn and grow.

In September we had our Orientations, Back to School  Night, First ever High School Fair, High School information meeting, Sacrament of Confirmation and our Back to School BBQ which was a huge success!  Two 8th grade students and I also went to the Glendale Firehouse on September 26th and presented the wife of fallen Firefighter William Tolley with a check from the students and families at NDCA.  It was a sad occasion, however meeting Mrs. Tolley and seeing her appreciation for our support and how we came together as a school for her and her family was a memory that the children will hold with them forever.  It was a wonderful ceremony that we were happy to be a part of.  We always feel good giving back to the community that takes care of us!

October has started off with a BANG!  We have already started our Terranova testing and had our first marketing meeting.  Don’t worry if you were unable to attend there is always next time.  The marketing committee worked on new ways to get our name out in the community.  If anyone is interested in hearing more about the marketing meeting, please feel free to ask me. 

On October 15th Stages on the Sound Arts Residency program will be starting up again with grades 4,6, and 8.  I look forward to seeing their culminating activities at the end of the program.  On October 19th we will be having our first Movie night at the request of the children and the families that completed my survey on Facebook.  We will be showing Goosebumps.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to see part 1 before you went to the movies to see part 2 which opens in theaters on the 12th.  Don’t forget to send in your ticket money $2 per person by Monday.  Please remember that I cannot have the movie night if we don’t presell 50 tickets before the event.  On October 23rd the Cub Scouts will be visiting the students in grades K-8 to give them information about the neighborhood Scout Programs.

We will be wrapping up October with our Halloween Family Dance.  This event always sells out so make sure to send in your ticket request as soon as possible.  Once we are at capacity we cannot sell any more tickets.

As some of you have gotten notice, Title I programs have started.  After meeting with the District Superintendent in hopes of helping scheduling of classes for the children that need Title I services, we have decided that if and when possible the children will be pulled first from the Italian class if possible.  Title students that are pulled from Italian will not receive an Italian grade on their report card. We hope you will opt your child into Title I services if asked.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask me, my door is always open.

As we look ahead we have many exciting things planned throughout the year. One exciting announcement I wanted to make that it appears that by Thanksgiving if not sooner I am happy to announce that we will be 1:1 with iPads in K-8.  Thank you to all parents that helped us reach the grant goal by subscribing to The Tablet.  That has helped us create a wonderful partnership with DeSales Media which continues to grow.  I look forward to all the wonderful projects they will be working on and the new learning opportunities that will open for them.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. DiLorenzo