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Week of September 13th 


Tuesday: Complete: 

                   Literature questions 

                   9/11 looseleaf work from Friday 

                    First draft of 30 word poem 

Wednesday: Final draft of the 30 word poem due tomorrow 

Thursday: Night Vocabulary Packet #1 

Friday: Test on “The Brave Little Toaster” on Tuesday 

Have a great weekend : ) 

Week of 9/20 

Monday: Study for test tomorrow 

Tuesday: Test Day 

Wednesday: Scope assignment due Monday 


Week of 9/27

Monday: Complete Hidden Figures sheets 


Wednesday: Finish the “Mentor” paragraph on looseleaf 


Friday: Enjoy the weekend : ) 

Week of 10/4


Tuesday: Complete all work from “Are the Bionic Superhumans on the Horizon?” 

Also complete the Mentor paragraph if you have not done so already

Week of 10/12


Wednesday: Night packet – Section 1 due Friday 

Thursday: Night packet section 1 due tomorrow 


Week of 10/18

Monday: The Auntomation Paradox – pgs 39-44 due Wednesday 

Scope Quiz on Wednesday 

Tuesday: Finish pages 39-44

Wednesday: Scope Quiz 

Thursday: Finish Literature assignment due Monday 

Friday: Complete all literature work from Monday 

pages 55-56 

Week of 10/25 

Monday: Finish questions on pages 33 and 34 

Tuesday: Finish page R1 

Scope due Friday 


Thursday: Scope due Monday 

Friday: Halloween Essay due 11/5

Night Project assigned on ELA Google Classroom 

Week of 11/1

Halloween Essay due Friday 11/5

Scope assignment due Friday 11/5

Night Packet – Section 3 due Monday 11/8

Week of 11/8 

“The Monkey’s Paw” questions due Tuesday 

Test on Friday 

Scope assignment due on Friday 

Week of 11/15 

Work on any overdue work 

Week of 11/22 

Scope assignment 

Quiz on Wednesday 11/24 

Pursuit of Happiness Essay due 12/2

Week of 11/29

Scope due Friday

Pursuit of Happiness due Thursday 12/2

Night Packet Section 4 due Tuesday 11/30

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