7th Grade Math

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Week of 9/13


Tuesday: Complete addition/subtraction fraction sheets 

Wednesday: Complete multiplication and division sheets 

Thursday: Freckle Assignment 

Friday: Complete classwork examples 

Enjoy the weekend 🙂 

Week of 9/20 

Monday: Addition and subtraction of Integer Sheets 

Quiz on Thursday 

Tuesday: Complete word problem sheet 

Wednesday: Study for quiz tomorrow 

Thursday: Complete sheet due Monday 

Friday: Complete sheet due Monday 

Enjoy the Weekend : ) 

Week of 9/27 

Monday: Complete page 1 multiplication questions only of the packet 

Test on Thursday 

Tuesday: Complete page 2 in the packet #1-9 

Wednesday: Study for tomorrow’s test 

Thursday: Test Day 

Friday : Enjoy the weekend : ) 

Week of 10/4 

Monday: Finish worksheets

Tuesday: Finish Savvas Topic Readiness 

Wednesday: 2:1 Additional Practice on Google Classroom 

Thursday: Edpuzzle 


Week of 10/12


Wednesday: Complete classwork question, tests signed and corrections if applicable 

Thursday: pages 95-96


Week of 10/18 

Monday: Finish pages 98-99 and 101-102 

Tuesday: Work on Project due 11/1

Wednesday: pgs. 107-108

Thursday: Complete classwork pages 

Friday: Complete page 128 top 

Continue to work on your project 

Next test: Monday, November 1 

Week of 10/25 

Monday: Pages 116-120 to be completed 

Tuesday: Savvas 2:5 assignment 

Wednesday: Pages 126, 129, 130, Topic 2 Assessment 

Thursday: Study for Monday’s test 

Friday: Project due 

Week of 11/1 

Monday: Test Day 

Tuesday: No Math class today

Wednesday: Finish Classwork example 

Thursday: pages 141 ALL 

Pages 146-147 #4-12  

Due Monday 

Week of 11/8 

Monday: pages 152-154 even only 

Tuesday: Freckle due tomorrow 

Wednesday: pages 160-162 and Flipgrid due Friday 

Test on Thursday 11/18

Thursday: No School : ) 

Friday: Study today’s notes so you are prepared for next week 

Test on Thursday 11/18

Week of 11/15

Wednesday: Study for tomorrow’s test 

Thursday: Test Day 

Friday: Fun Day : ) 

Week of 11/22

Monday; pages 181 – 182 

Tests signed and corrections if applicable 


Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving : ) 

Week of 11/29

Monday: pages 192-194 #4-21

Tuesday: page 198 

Wednesday: Finish sheet 

Week of 12/13 

Thursday: Page 245 top only 

Week of 12/20 

Monday: page 219

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