6th Grade Math

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Week of 9/13


Tuesday: Complete #2,4,8,9,10 on sheet 

Wednesday: Complete #11-12 on sheet 

Thursday: Freckle Assignment

Friday: Complete Division sheets 

Enjoy the weekend : ) 

Week of 9/20 

Monday: Check word problems from the sheet 

Tuesday: Addition/Subtraction of Fractions Sheets 

Wednesday:  Freckle assignment due Thursday 

Thursday: Complete Freckle assignment 

Friday: Start Studying for test next week 

Enjoy the weekend : ) 

Week of 9/27

Monday: Complete and submit STEM assignment on Google Classroom

AND the drawing will be collected tomorrow 

Test on Tuesday 10/5  (Operations with decimals and fractions/mixed numbers) 

Tuesday: Complete dividing fractions sheet 

Wednesday: Freckle assignment 


Friday: Study for Tuesday’s test 

Week of 10/4

Monday: Study for tomorrow’s test 

Tuesday: Test Day 

Wednesday: Complete Topic 2 Readiness on Google Classroom 

Thursday: Freckle 


Week of 10/11

Tuesday: Study today’s class notes 


Thursday: page 75 even and page 76 all

Tests signed and corrections if applicable 

Friday: Test on Wednesday, October 20th Start to study : ) 

Week of 10/18

Monday: pages 80-81-82 – even only 

Test on Wednesday 

Tuesday: Study for test 

Wednesday: Test Day 


Friday: Review today’s notes 

Continue to work on your project 

Have a great weekend : ) 

Week of 10/25 

Monday: Finish pages 88-90 

Tuesday: Complete graphing sheet 

Wednesday: Pages 98-99

Thursday: Savvas 2:5 Practice and Problem Solving 



Week of 11/1

Monday: Test on Friday (Coordinate grids) 

Start to study 

Tuesday: Freckle assignment 

Wednesday: Finish page 110

Thursday: Study for tomorrow’s test 

Friday: Test Day 

Week of 11/8 

Monday: page 120 

Tuesday: pages 127-128

Freckle due Friday


Thursday: Freckle due tomorrow 

Friday: pg.134#5-12 and page 135 #13-23

Week of 11/15

Wednesday: Study Vocabulary 

Thursday: page 148 due Monday 

Friday: Fun Day : ) 

Test on Tuesday 11/23

Week of 11/22

Monday: study for tomorrow’s test 

Tuesday: Test Day 

Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving : ) 

Week of 11/29 

Monday: Page 149 

Tuesday: page 158 #6-10

Wednesday: pages 159-160 #13-35

Week of 12/13

Thursday: Pages 180-181 #5-19 due Monday 

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