Coronovirus Update 3-22-2020

March 22, 2020


Dear Parents,

There are so many questions that I am sure that many of you have.  I wish I had answers for all of them.  I know that this is a hard transition for many.  Please know that we are doing great.  I have been checking in with the teachers and am happy that the children are taking hold of their learning and completing all of the tasks at hand.


As many of you have already heard, the Board of Regents have canceled all NYS tests grades 3-8.  That being said, as of right not the students are still taking the Algebra I regents and the Earth Science regents and it is still our job to make sure that they are prepared.


We continue to work with each other and our instructional coaches to create new ways that the children can accomplish learning and understanding the curriculum with the rigor necessary to be successful applying it to be successful. How is this being accomplished?  This will be accomplished through virtual classrooms where the teachers will record and post their lessons in google classroom, implementing higher order thinking questions into power point presentations through programs such as pear deck and through a lot of project based learning.  Please know that while this is new to us we are prepared for online learning.


Some have reached out to me and asked if they are still responsible for paying tuition if the children aren’t in school.  To that question, the answer is yes.  Although, your children aren’t learning in the school building of NDCA the teachers are still working non-stop to make sure that they are receiving the best possible education that they can.  If our parents do not pay tuition, we will not be able to maintain and pay the teachers that are working so hard in this time of crisis.  So I implore you to please continue paying your tuition through FACTS.  If you are not sure how to do this please email in the subject write Facts information, your name, your child’s name and a phone number you can be contacted at.  I will give this information to Ms. Anna and she will be in contact with you to walk you through the process. 


I have an additional request I would ask for your understanding with.  Please do not submit or let your children know not to submit their work after 9 pm.  Please know that each time a child submits anything into google classroom their teacher and I get an alert.  There have been alerts going off until 1 in the morning and all weekend long.  It is important for everyone that we unplug and spend some family time.  The children should be logged in during the day to complete the assignments, and I know that some of you are still working which makes it difficult so I am asking that you just don’t post or comment or submit after 9 pm.  That would be greatly appreciated.  We all need a moment to recharge each day and if we receive alerts at all times of the day and night it is just not possible. 


Please keep in mind that all families signed the acceptable use policy for digital safety.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Acceptable Use Policy Reminder: Distance Learning

All students and parents of the Catholic Academy/Parish School are reminded that the Acceptable Use Policy you signed for the 2019/2020 school year is in full effect for the duration of our distance learning protocol. Students and parents may view the full policy in their handbook and on the Catholic Academy/Parish School website, but are reminded of the following:

It is the policy of the Catholic Academies and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn that technology be used to support learning and enhance instruction. Technology will be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner, consistent with the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Students will not: • Use technology to harass, threaten, deceive, intimidate, offend, embarrass, or annoy any individual.

  • Post, publish, reproduce, or display any defamatory, inaccurate, violent, abusive, profane, or sexually oriented material. Users must not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, or threatening language. Users must not knowingly or recklessly post false information about any persons, students, staff or any other organization.
  • Use a photograph, image, video, or likeness of any student(s), or employee(s) without express permission of that individual and/or of the principal.
  • Create any site, post any photo, image, or video of another except with express permission of that individual and/or of the principal.
  • Harm the goodwill and reputation of the school/academy or system in the community. Violation of this policy in whole or in part may result in any or all of the following and will be issued at the discretion of the Catholic Academy/Parish School principal:
  • Loss of use/privileges of school/academy technology.
  • Disciplinary action including, but not limited to suspension, and/or legal action by the school/academy, civil authorities, and/or other involved parties.
  • Compensation for damages, both physical and punitive, incurred due to actions in violation of this AUP.


I pray for each of our families every day.  I hope this notification finds you safe and well.  We will all get through this together.  I am here for each and every one of you.  If you need to contact me please email me at




Mrs. Jennifer DiLorenzo