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Early Childhood

Nursery – Mrs. Jean Juliano
Pre-K For All – Ms. Susan Meyers
Pre-K For All – Ms. Nicole Baldassarre
Pre-K For All – Ms. Shakima Renee


Kindergarten – Miss Emmie Esposito

First Grade – Mrs. Angela Anello

Second Grade – Ms. Darilyn Barone

Third Grade (Religion, Math, and S.S. Grs.3-4)
Ms. Daysi Munoz

Fourth Grade (ELA & Science Grs. 3-4)
Ms. Alyssa Barresi

Fifth Grade (Religion Grs. 5-6 and Science Grs. 5-8, Earth Science Regents Course)
Ms. Barbara Wolski

Sixth Grade (ELA Gr. 5 and S.S. Grs. 5-8)
Mrs. Lisa Cooney

Seventh Grade (ELA Grs. 6-8)
Ms. Luisa Manzo

Eighth Grade (Religion Grs. 7-8 and Math Grs. 5-8)
Mrs. Judith Munno

Special Subjects

Music K-5, Art 6-8 – Mrs. Jean Juliano
Italian Language, N-8 – Mr. Pierpaolo Capalbo
Technology/Assistant Principal – Mrs. Jennifer DiLorenzo
Physical Education – Mr. Robert Holford
Common Core Algebra I Regents Course – Principal Maria Cuomo