Catholic Schools Week – Written by Alexandra Sciacca Grade 7

Catholic Schools Week

At Notre Dame Catholic



         Good morning. My name is Alexandra Sciacca and I am a proud student of the wonderful “Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood.” I am in 7th grade, and have attended the academy for almost 9 years. I have made many friendships, and have learned several things. If you are wondering, “What makes this academy so amazing?” Well, that’s the best part. The teachers teach the five main subjects including Religion. The academy also offers electives such as: Gym, Art, Music, and Italian. There are also great clubs such as Glee, Drama, Volleyball, etc., which I enjoy participating with my class. There are also fantastic extra-curricular activities that the students and I love taking part in. This includes Catholic Schools Week, as seen in the title. Catholic Schools Week is a week out of the school year that is dedicated to the students. During this week, we also grow in our faith as children of God. Some events in this week may include, our 3rd Annual Religion Bee, Student Appreciation Day, and many more events are scheduled for the week. Over the past years, the events taking place vary. To kickoff this Catholic schools week, some older students of Notre Dame Catholic Academy will be attending Sunday Mass, and our Open House to followed by the Open House will be held in our school auditorium at Notre Dame Catholic Academy on January 27th at 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. There will be tours, and every class will have a table that displays work that has been done by the students in certain subject areas. There will also be light refreshments as well as snacks at the Open House. I myself will be attending, and I hope to see you there!

                                                                                         ~Alexandra Sciacca