Class announcement

Tomorrow, Our class is having a Christmas brunch tomorrow morning 12/21/19.  Your child does not have to bring a back pack tomorrow. Thanks for contributing to the Christmas party and I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The following are assignments that your child is expected to complete over the Christmas break:

  1. 6th grade ElA: Reading logs. See directions under 6th grade ELA
  2. 7th grade ELA: Reading Comprehension packets
  3. 8th grade ELA: Book 3 packets

12/10/2018 HW

Read Chapter 3 of Lightning Thief on Google Classroom and answer the following questions below in notebooks.

What does Percy think about in this chapter?
What do we learn about him based on these thoughts?

12/10/2018 Homework

Tonight you will be required to read Chapter three and respond to these two questions in your notebook. Novel is available online through Google classroom

What does Percy think about in this chapter?
What do we learn about him based on these thoughts?

11/8/18 HW

There is no homework this weekend. However, please ensure that you complete both the hero letters and illustrations for “Shrouded in Myth” if you haven’t done so.

2nd Grade Homework 1/8-1/11

Dear Parents, 

Below is the homework for the week of Monday, January 11th.  

Monday 1/8

  1. Reading Log
  2. Vocabulary Sentences- Words 1-6

Tuesday 1/9

  1. Study for Social Studies Test Tomorrow
  2. Math WB pgs 327-328

Wednesday 1/10

  1. Study for Spelling Bee Tomorrow
  2. Math WB pgs 33-334

Thursday 1/11

  1. Reading Sheet- Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. Vocabulary Sentences- Words 7-12
  3. Math Workbook 339-340
  4. Study for Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday

Vocabulary Words

  1. Slavery- The practice of owning slaves.
  2. Segregation- Separating people of different races, classes, or ethnic groups. 
  3. Civil Rights- The freedoms and privileges that we have because of the Constitution 
  4. Equality- The state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunity
  5. Prejudice- Having an opinion about someone before getting to know them
  6. Integrity- Having morals
  7. Racism- Believing that you are better than someone else because of your race/color
  8. Discrimination- Treating someone differently because you think you are better than them
  9. Heritage- Something that is passed down from generation to generation
  10. Advocate- To speak for a cause
  11. Injustice- Treating someone unfairly
  12. Freedom- Being able to make your own choices, being free


I am very excited and looking forward to our Spelling Bee this week! Keep studying!

Thank you, 

Miss Barone