NDCA New Principal Announcement

July, 2018


Dear Faculty/Staff/Parents/Guardians:


      I hope this letter finds you well and the summer is not going too quickly for the children.  The Notre Dame Catholic Academy Board of Directors has been busy securing the principal for 2018-19 school year.  I have been in close communication with the personnel in the NDCA Board of Directors, the Diocese of Brooklyn and the Board of Members to follow the proper protocol. 

      Many schools do not have the luxury of having an assistant principal in their building.  We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Jennifer DiLorenzo as our NDCA Assistant Principal who has been working in the school for many years.  The NDCA Board of Directors carefully reviewed her credentials as a potential principal of the school for this reason. 

      Mrs. DiLorenzo has a long history of being an educator in both St. Aloysius and NDCA schools.  She has been the assistant principal for the past four years at NDCA.  She understands the use of technology in/out of the classroom and has been instrumental in bringing iPads into the classroom, updating the school website and all of the school’s technological related aspects.   She knows the children in the school very well and the upcoming eighth graders were taught by her in the first grade.  She knows the entire school community (faculty, students, parents, and staff) as well as anyone.  Mrs. DiLorenzo has demonstrated a very good working relationship with the NDCA Board of Directors and the Diocesan Office.  In addition, she understands the paperwork and the associated deadlines needed to help maximize the education of our children.  Mrs. DiLorenzo has already demonstrated her expertise in this area. 

      For the aforementioned reasons, the NDCA Board of Directors finds Mrs. Jennifer DiLorenzo a perfect fit to be named the Principal of Notre Dame Catholic Academy for the 2018-19 school year.  Please join the NDCA Board of Directors to congratulate Mrs. DiLorenzo in her new position of responsibility to lead our academy.   I am sure she will help make a very smooth transition for the entire school.  We look forward to her continued dedication and commitment to the education of our children and NDCA.




James P. Carey


James P. Carey


NDCA Board


NDCA New Principal Announcement

Congratulations to the Cast of Aladdin Jr.!

On Thursday, June 7th the NDCA Drama Club had an Encore Performance of Aladdin Jr.  The students worked very hard all year and performed twice.  Once for families and friends and once for all of the students in the school.  They did a fabulous job.  The Drama Club includes students in grades 5-8. 

Congratulations to our Kindergarten students for Graduating and moving on to First Grade!

On Monday, June 18th our Kindergarten students graduated and put on a very nice presentation for their parents.  We are very proud of all of their accomplishments throughout Kindergarten and look forward to seeing all that they accomplish in First grade. We would also like to congratulate their teacher Ms. Emmie Espositio for all of her hard work and wish her well on her retirement after 42 years of service to the Diocese of Brooklyn.

The Shakespeare Trip

The Shakespeare Trip

Written By: Alexandra Sciacca – Grade 6


    On April 18th, 2018 the students at Notre Dame Catholic Academy in grades 6-8 saw a Shakespeare Play, “Twelfth Night.” This is a well known play throughout all of Shakespeare. The students really had a fun time watching all of the characters sword fight, sing, dance, and even kiss! The actors and actresses from the play interacted with the audience and created cheerful energy as the play was starting. The colorful costumes and creative set design really made for a great play. The Set Designer did a great job recreating a ship using rope, sheets, and painted sheets as a backdrop.


   To see this amazing Shakespeare play, 6-8 went to the Immaculate Conception Center located in Douglaston. Everyone could not wait to see this play in action. The “Twelfth Night” is about Sailor Sergio, and his sister Viola, and how they thought that the other had died from a “Ship at Sea”. A lady named Olivia had fallen in love with Sergio, but Viola was mistaken for her “dead” brother.  Different props were used to help the theme be shown in the best way possible. There was even a person playing the Violin! Although some of the actors had multiple roles, each character was unique. It was also nice that the 8th grade was able to recognize the roles/lines from when they performed it at school with Stages on the Sound Arts Residency program.


NDCA goes to the Apple Store

                                     The Apple Trip                                                Written By: Alexandra Sciacca Gr.6


    On April 24th, 2018 Grades 6 and 7 went to the Apple Store in Queens Center Mall. Grades 6 and 7 went there to take a very interesting class: Coding! Everyone had a great time and they really enjoyed stepping out of their comfort zone. Some of the students were familiar with this topic, but everyone loved using the App Swift Playgrounds to learn about commands and functions and what they have to do with apps and video games. Our Instructors: Marshall and Alfonso, helped us use the App. This is an App designed to learn about different coding techniques. They said that when you complete Learn to Code 3 you will be ready to create your own App.

Not only did 6 and 7 go on the Apple trip but grades 1-5 did too! They all had a great time and it was very interesting to see all of the products that Apple put before us. We used these products (iPads) to use the App for the lesson. I know for certain that all the grades loved this trip and definitely want to take another Coding Class!

The Apple store offers free classes to children on a regular basis.  They have a program called Kids Hour at all locations.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere

On Thursday, March 22nd our Pre K For All program had an in house trip from the NY Hall of Science.  They learned all about bubbles and made some bubbles of their own.  This was a great component to the Water Unit they are in right now.  

Registration for Pre K For All is coming to a close March 30th

The application for Pre-K For All is open until March 30th. You can apply online at schools.nyc.gov or by clicking the logo!


Notre Dame Catholic Academy encourages you to apply to the Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood Pre K For All program. (We are code QADR)

Families can apply to Pre-K for All in one of three ways, using a single application that is available in ten languages.


How to Apply


Interpretation services are provided in over 200 languages for applications submitted over the phone and in person.


As a reminder, we can assist you in filling out a pre-K application online, but families must use their own email address and choose the programs to list on their application.


Current students at Notre Dame Catholic Academy have the highest priority to continue at our program for pre-K. Please make sure if you are a current Nursery family you have filled out an application and indicate that they are currently enrolled at NDCA. 


Offer letter will be sent out in early/mid-May. If you get an offer letter for a seat in our Pre-K, contact Mrs. Cassillo or Mrs. DiLorenzo at (718) 821-2221 for an appointment to fill out pre-registration documents.

Thank you!

Students were having fun finger painting to create Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting.

Grammar-Thon 2018 Winners Announced

Notre Dame Catholic Academy is excited to announce that we had 3 grades come in as Top Classes this year in the Grammar-Thon 2018.  Congratulations to the students in grades 3, 4 and 6.


With 1362 students participating and 18 schools registered for the second Grammar-Thon, the event was a big success!!!  Close to 7465  ELA activities were completed. 


And Now for the Winners……

Top Classes:

Kindergarten:  Divine Mercy Catholic Academy
First Grade:  St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Academy
Second Grade:  Queen of Martyrs Catholic Academy
Third Grade:  Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood
Fourth Grade:  Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood
Fifth Grade:  St. Bernadette Catholic Academy
Sixth Grade:  Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood


CTN thanks all the schools who participated in this contest.