Alumni Testimonials


“NDCA was the place where I learned to grow up. I learned to challenge myself and gained insight on the workload for high school from being in the Advanced Algebra class.”

Carolina Ruiz ’14

“NDCA was truly a great experience for me. I had wonderful teachers and staff members who were always there for me. I can truly say that NDCA is like a family to me and I will never forget my years attending there.”

Dora Gubicza ’14

“Notre Dame Catholic Academy provided me with an amazing foundation for my future. The teachers were some of the most caring, intelligent people I have ever met. They provided me with a great moral background. If you want your child to grow up learning useful skills in a nurturing environment, send them to NDCA.”

Paul Byfield ’14

“My experience at Notre Dame Catholic Academy was wonderful. We were all exposed to a family atmosphere which in turn promoted a nurturing environment. We learned a valuable lesson on the importance of helping others.”

Priya Paray ’14

“Notre Dame Catholic Academy (NDCA) is a place where you are greeted with a smile whenever you speak to a teacher. NDCA teachers make time for their students to help them better understand a particular situation. NDCA is excellent at preparing their students for high school.”

Yashoda Itwaru ’14

“When I graduated from NDCA, I was gifted with the tools necessary not only to be successful in high school but to thrive well into the future. A stable foundation was made for me by the teachers who went above and beyond what the curriculum required. The teachers at NDCA genuinely care for your well-being and do not treat you as a number on the report card.”

Erie Agustin ’14

“My years at Notre Dame Catholic Academy were some of the most memorable years of my life. NDCA is one of the best schools out there. I know from experience. The classes prepared us well for high school and for the future. The teachers made the classes interactive and made learning enjoyable. The teachers are caring individuals who always made themselves available whenever you had a question. The atmosphere in the school gave the students a positive feeling when they were in the school. Everyone was nice to each other and was willing to help each other. The school felt like a family to me. The small family-centered atmosphere made it very easy to make new friends.” 

Christian Morgado ’18

“The time I spent in NDCA was truly wonderful. I had the opportunity to learn in a safe and comforting environment where every teacher wished only the best for their students. The academic challenges in NDCA could not be ignored and with the help of the teachers, we were able to master even the most difficult topics. The lessons that were taught were not only about academic subjects but everyday skills which are indispensable for one’s future.. The knowledge I gained at NDCA will allow me to prosper in high school. I valued every day I attended NDCA and look back at my years there as being extra special.” 

Tomasz Baginski ’18

“NDCA became a second home for me literally and figuratively. It was a place where I spent eight hours a day learning. It also became a second home for me in the sense that I had people that cared for me and wanted me to succeed. NDCA also is an extremely caring environment. It was such a nurturing environment where all my teachers cared about me and push me to my limits to be my best. I have a solid foundation for the future because of all the life skills NDCA taught me.” 

David Marocik ’18

“I am proud to say that I was well prepared for high school after my years at NDCA. The students were guided academically and with spiritual values. We grew up like a family. We had ceremonies and fun events that gave us a chance to bond with our friends and/or make new ones. The teachers were always there to support us. They are very understanding, caring and loving people. Our teachers were like our second parents. I will bring what I learned in NDCA to high school and college. All of us will use the foundation that Notre Dame Catholic Academy established when we get real jobs and begin our own lives.” 

Jonalyfaye Aningalan ’18

“Throughout my years in Notre Dame Catholic Academy, I can say that it was the best 9 years of my life from Pre-K to 8th grade. Notre Dame is a great school because it is like a second family/home where everyone is treated with respect and they care for each other. You always feel welcomed once you step through the doors and you always see the students smiling. The students would always approach you and start conversations which created an excellent bond of friendship. I was also proud of my academic success due to curriculum at NDCA. I would have never made it this far without the help of my teachers. The teachers do their best to make every student succeed.” 

Elizabeth Lago ’18

“NDCA is a great academic school. The school was like a second home to me because everyone treated each other like family. The teachers and staff of NDCA wanted you to succeed. I liked how the after-school program helped you with any needed subject.” 

Erol Radoncic ’18

“I transferred into Notre Dame Catholic Academy and on my first day I was very nervous. However, I was greeted and befriended the moment I walked into the school. I am still close to the people I met on that first day. The students in NDCA are very friendly and polite. The small school environment allowed everyone to know each other much better. I was never lonely in NDCA! NDCA has a challenging academic program which prepared me very well for high school. I took the high school credit classes (Algebra and Earth Science). These courses, as well as the regular classes prepared me well for the SHSAT and TACHS examinations. The small class sizes were excellent to fully understand the class material. Teachers also offered after-school tutoring to students who needed extra assistance.” 

Nicole Oszcypala ’18

“The students at NDCA were fully prepared for their independent roles as they went onto high school. The teachers at NDCA helped us to strive to become better people. My teachers always encouraged me and I am so thankful for their caring efforts. They helped me to improve my skills each and every day. Their support was so important to me. My teachers would always give me periodic updates on whether or not my grades were showing my full potential.”

Madison Colon ’18

“NDCA is a great school for students to progress into high school and continue their faith in God. The teachers were great and helped us to prepare for high school. The lessons are well organized and the right moral values were taught. The school atmosphere was always so peaceful. The teachers always cared for their students and looked out for them. The teachers and staff at NDCA are like a second family to me. They prepared me for high school and I feel like I can face anything because of how trained me.” 

Vincent Qiu ’18

“My experience at NDCA was fantastic and I will never forget it. NDCA was the foundation for my academic excellence. The teachers are caring, friendly and they strive for the students’ success. NDCA prepared me well for high school. The advanced high school credit classes made a real difference. The proper values were taught that are needed for high school and beyond. If you want to attend a school with a good academic program with a full school experience go to NDCA. I plan to visit NDCA in the near future. NDCA was like a second home for me.” 

Mark Hanna ’18

“NDCA is such a safe environment for the students to learn their lessons. The atmosphere in NDCA was so great because you were surrounded by kind and loving people. The principal and teachers were so understanding and helpful. The academic curriculum is very good and the teachers really pay attention to each individual student. The adults and the students were so welcoming. I learned to make new friends and it seemed like my second home. I would not be so prepared for high school if it was not for the wonderful teachers at NDCA.”

Oliver Meyo ’18

“I transferred into NDCA and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. The students welcomed me with open arms. The teachers treated me like they knew me for a long time. It was like joining a family. NDCA is a community of very caring people. The teachers trained me for the challenges in high school. They challenged us to be our best by believing in all of us.” 

Ethan Bernal ’18

“My experience at NDCA was very good and it taught me a great deal about Math and Science along with the other subjects. NDCA has also prepared me well for high school and for the future. All the teachers in NDCA are very caring. NDCA is a safe and happy environment where everyone feels welcomed. NDCA is the best school for academics and taught us about our faith.” 

Anthony Caracci ’18

“My time at NDCA was a very special time. I learned new things and made many friends. NDCA was a nurturing environment that taught the proper values that are needed in life. The students are always being prepared for high school and beyond. NDCA and its family atmosphere helped to build my foundation for the future.” 

Matthew Karwowski ’18

“NDCA prepares your child for school and for life. Learning about Jesus and attending Mass is a high priority. NDCA will help your child get closer to God. I grew up at NDCA and I am ready for the challenges ahead of me.”

Anna Giambra ’18

“My years at NDCA was a wonderful experience. I met many people who changed my life for the better. I met many friendly students and teachers. The teachers are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The teachers truly want their students to succeed. The teachers made learning exciting and I always looked forward to the next day.” 

Arlett Cabrera ’18

“NDCA provides a safe learning environment for the students. The teachers love and care for their students. The NDCA teachers and staff are very serious about preparing the students for high school. The teachers make NDCA feel like a second home.” 

Clayton Matthews ’18

“Happy is the word I would use to describe how I felt knowing NDCA brought me friends that I will keep for a lifetime. In fact, I am attending high school with many of these same friends. I had an easier transition to high school because of NDCA. I was well prepared for high school and my life is better because of the experiences at this wonderful school.”

Gabriel Hernandez ’18

“NDCA has a real family atmosphere. The students were always greeted with warm smiles by the principal, teachers and staff as we entered the school. The school is such a nurturing environment. As a Catholic school, we were taught spiritual values that are needed throughout our lives. The students were taught the rigorous academic curriculum and much more. Our teachers prepared the students for high school and beyond. They were always there to give us tips and guidance for what was to be expected during the high school years.”

Kenneth Acosta ’18

“The teachers at NDCA were very supportive and caring about the students’ future and beyond. NDCA helped me so much to be fully prepared for high school. NDCA a very friendly and safe environment. No one will make you feel left out or unhappy at any time. NDCA taught me a lot of valuable information that will help me to strive ahead and to be successful in the upcoming years of my life.” 

Matthew Begina ’18

“Attending NDCA is one of the best experiences that I have had. I transferred into the school and immediately recognized the friendly, family, environment that existed. The teachers truly cared about our well-being. NDCA is a very good school academically and also taught me the proper values that everyone needs. NDCA taught me that helping others and being a good person is so very important in life. I thank the teachers of NDCA for preparing for me high school. NDCA offered the advanced classes that also prepared us for high school .”

Ronald Castro ’18

“Notre Dame Catholic Academy helped all of the students to grow, achieve and become more responsible. We had a strong curriculum which offered many extra subjects for our personal growth. NDCA was like a family to me. The school felt like home ever since I walked into the school. I truly felt like I was at home. Our teachers were very understanding and kind. The teachers were wonderful and made learning fun and exciting. The school also has many different activities for the students to enjoy. I was well prepared for high school because of the intelligent and caring teachers.” 

Nicole Parayno ’18