2nd Grade Distance Learning Work 3/17-3/20

All assignments are to be completed on Google Classroom. The assignments for the day will be posted at 7 AM that day. Classwork assignments are due at 3 PM. Homework assignments are due at 8 AM the following day. Don’t forget attendance is due between 7 AM and 10 AM.



Tuesday 3/17


Practice reading and saying words with “oo” vowel sounds.

Spelling Quiz

Study this week’s Spelling/Vocabulary words.

Math Lesson 10-1 pages 585-588 (to be uploaded)

Adding tens and hundreds video

Answer Social Studies question about Mount Rushmore



Answer a reading question after reading “Molly, By Golly”

Complete Vocabulary sentences

Math Lesson 10-1 HW pages (to be uploaded 589-590)


Wednesday 3/18


Know It Show It pages 199-201 (to be uploaded)

Vocabulary Word Questions from “Drum Dream Girl”

Read “Drum Dream Girl” and complete the writing question

Science Workbook pages 235-239 (to be uploaded)

Math Workbook pages 591-594 (to be uploaded)


Homework 3/18

Math WB pages 595-596

Religion- Watch a video about the Eucharist and answer a question.


Thursday 3/19


Know It Show it page 203 (to be uploaded).

Complete the assignment about the setting of “Drum Dream Girl”

Math Workbook pages 597-600 (to be uploaded)

Read the social studies magazine article, “Heroes Who Discover” on the HMH website. Answer the question.

Read and complete Religion workbook pages 183-185 (to be uploaded).



Math Workbook pages 601-602 (to be uploaded)

Complete vocabulary sentences in a Google Doc.


Friday 3/20


Know It Show It page 206 (to be uploaded)

Write 5 of your own compound words in the google form

Science Workbook pages 241-243. Answer questions on Google Classroom.

Math Lesson 10-4 pages 603-606 (to be uploaded)

Read the social studies magazine article that is on the HMH website. Answer the question on Google Classroom.



Read a book and answer the questions on Google Classroom.


If you have any questions please contact me via Class Dojo.