2nd Grade 10/6-10/11


Monday 10/7- Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Begins

Tuesday10/8- $3 Pink Dress Down

During the month of October,  NDCA will be raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All proceeds will go to Ms. Esposito who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this year.

Upcoming Work:


Friday 10/11-

Math Fluency Quiz-Adding 4

Tuesday 10/8- Math Topic 2 Test

Reading: October Reading Logs due Monday’s- 10/7, 10/15, 10/21, 10/28

Spelling/Vocabulary Quiz Monday 10/7

Religion: Chapter 2 Test Thursday 10/10


Monday 10/7- Reading Log is due. Spelling/Vocab Quiz today. Study for tomorrow’s math test.

Tuesday 10/8- Continue studying for Thursday’s Religion Test.

Wednesday 10/9-Continue studying for Thursday’s Religion Test.

Thursday10/10-Practice for Adding 4 Fluency Math Quiz

Friday 10/11- Reading Log Due Tuesday *

Have a Wonderful Long Weekend!